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At the end of a bank holiday in which the rest of the world seemed to be Doing Stuff – parks, countryside, beach, theme parks – and we had done the garden and cleaned the carpet (boring but necessary evils) we decided to have a day out.

As my family can be a little bit anti-walks I was impressed when everyone readily agreed to a trip to the Malverns for a nice hilly walk.

We weren’t the only ones. The place was SWARMING with people – families, couples, toddlers, teens, dogs – they were all out there. For the first time ever we didn’t get a space in the car park – or the other car park up the road.

It wasn’t surprising – a bank holiday, a warm one at that, was bound to bring the people out. Especially as it was pretty much the first decent weather we’d had all year.

My daughter, my husband and I loved it all. The warmth, the views, the sun, the feeling of climbing the hills, the fresh air, being a little bit out of breath… It was just what we needed after a weekend of jobs and a cold spring.

My daughter was like a little mountain goat – running up those hills. I don’t know how she did it, but she had so much energy and enthusiasm in those little legs. Actually, the legs are looking pretty muscular now. It must be all the dancing!

Surprisingly, the Scout and the footballer were less keen. My intrepid eldest son is always happy to tell us how far he walked and how tough it was with Scouts. But a hilly walk with his family? Not so good.

And my younger son’s legs were aching. This is the boy who can play football or rugby for HOURS. Even when he’s injured or ill you can stick a ball in front of him and he will conquer his pain. But not when he has to climb a hill. He needed frequent reminders of the ice cream at the bottom to encourage him.

My eldest was lagging behind, so I waited for him. For a few special minutes, we walked together and had a conversation without him talking too much crap or being irritating. He told me how one of his friends can’t believe how much running I do or how much Superdry I wear. I think this was his way of telling me he was proud of me for those things, which I really appreciated. But then we caught the others up and they started winding each other up as usual.

But at least they got their ice cream.

This post was written in response to a prompt on The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. Pop over to see how others have interpreted the theme of ‘the weekend’.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Hehe your little girl sounds like my little boy. Sometimes I think he could climb Everest with the amount of energy he has!

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  2. I would love to know the secret to motivate children to walk…! A friend of mine said she got her children ski sticks (If I remember correctly) to go on walks and they are always willing to go out with them, would it only be to spear things onto the end of their sticks!

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  3. I think every family is the same. Mine would also grumble and then have a lovely time. Do please join me for Country Kids too.

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  4. My 3 sound very similar – my daughter skips up a hill, while the boys moan constantly. The 8 year old has started doing regular walks with his dad, but think they’re more about being with dad and messing around by the river. Love the chat with your eldest, mine recently told me one of his friends wanted to know why I was always late for everything 🙁

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  5. I can remember when my parents used to drag us out as kids on 5 or 7 mile walks. Oh how we whinged and moaned about our legs hurting or needing the loo. However, when I look back on those times now, they are some of my best memories of my childhood.

    Great picture, perfect weekend.

    Herding Cats

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  6. Yup we have all been there with the grumbling kids who actually enjoy it once they are out in the fresh air.

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  7. Thanks very much, everyone, really appreciate your comments. Will definitely link up with Country Kids on Saturday, Coombe Mill.
    Generally my kids aren’t bad with walking, though I bet they’d love the ski sticks, MG!
    Hope your little one’s energy lasts, Tas, it’s a brilliant thing 🙂
    We didn’t do particularly long walks as a kid, Nicola, but my dad talked to us about birds and plants and stuff. It amazes me how much I know – compared to how little my husband knows!
    The chat with my son was lovely, Tracey. A bit random and quite unexpected!

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  8. Sounds like a lovely walk, I must do this more with my two, though I’m sure the little one will cry to be carried after 5 minutes 🙂

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  9. Ice cream is a great motivator! Lovely conversation with your eldest it’s great to know when you’re not a embarrassment to your teen 🙂

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  10. Ice cream always keeps us going when out on a long walk. My 2 protest but as soon as they are out, running around like hooligans, they love it.

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  11. What is it with these kids? They have no stamina! Mine are the same…particularly my middle one (no surprise there!) I’m so with you on the talking crap…will it ever end?! I agree that he was trying to say that he was proud, in his own little way 🙂

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  12. A perfect family day! Love your little chat with your eldest. xx

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  13. I can’t get my 13 yr old out on walks with us anymore. Sounds like you had a nice weekend x

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  14. What a wonderful day out! I really miss hilly walking after leaving the French Riviera – not so many hilly walks in London.

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  15. Thanks very much, everyone 🙂
    Glad to hear a lot of kids are hard to drag out, but usually perk up once they’re out. My lot wanted the ice cream as soon as we set off, but it had to be the incentive for actually doing the walk!
    Geocaching is good, Vicki, we’ve done it a couple of times before, although ended in big arguments when we did at Center Parcs!
    I’ll make the most of the year or so I have left before my boy refuses to go out with us then, Mama Syder 🙁
    Thanks, Suzanne, for understanding about talking crap! I feel bad admitting it, because it makes me sound horrible, but it is such hard work to listen to! Younger son does fairly boring monologues, but they make more sense than the utter crap eldest talks! Good to actually spend some time talking normally, however briefly.
    Will do, Dragonsfly!
    I don’t suppose there are many, FM. And I know it takes a long time to get out of London, not really worth it for ‘just’ a walk!

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  16. My little man has to be encouraged to walk, he’s only 3 but we walked miles when we were kids so he won’t be gettig off too lightly #CountryKids

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  17. I can remember hating going for walks when I was younger I thought it boring and my legs always ached too! Now I am the one trying to get my OH out on a walk with the kids! X

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  18. Well done mum for getting them all up the hill! I wonder what it’s going to be like for my wee man as he gets older? At the minute he will do anything for ice cream!

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  19. ah i love the bit where he was complimenting you in a young person kinda way! gorgeous!

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  20. Lovely post – my boys always complain, but then love it once we’re out 🙂 Love your chat with your eldest xx #CountryKids

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  21. Thanks very much, everyone, really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I’ll admit I used to find walks a bit boring when I was a kid too, but realise my parents had somehow instilled a love of walking and the great outdoors in me, despite this. My kids are 7, 9 and 11, Sabrina, and will still do pretty much anything for ice cream!
    The conversation with my eldest was very sweet, Sara and Sarah. It was nice to hear him complimenting me in his slightly random, awkward boyish way. x

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  22. Oh bless, growing up fast and it does kind of sneak up on you. We were also walking in the Malvern Hills on that Bank Holiday Monday. Might have passed one another without realising! We walked from British Camp car park to the Worcestershire Beacon.

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  23. I can’t believe we were there on the same day, Izzie! We wanted to park at British Camp, but the car park was full. I’m not sure which hill it was we climbed.

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