Gorgeous George & the Giant Geriatric Generator

My boys can be stubborn little so-and-sos. So when I got a book to review, I had real difficulty persuading them to read it, because it wasn’t their choice. In the end, I didn’t give my younger son any choice, I just started reading it to him.

Now I’m going to digress slightly… At his school they are very fond of creative writing, of using adventurous adjective and adverbs, of personification (giving human attributes to animals, plants or inanimate objects) and of metaphors. Every time I say ‘good’ or ‘nice’ they tell me off. Because they’re not allowed to use these words at school.

I started reading Gorgeous George & the Giant Geriatric Generator by Stuart Reid and, halfway down the second page, my son stopped me and made me start again. He was so impressed with the language – it’s exactly what they teach them at school. He wanted to hear it again so he could remember it for his own writing. At the end of the first chapter he asked me to write this for my review:

The author uses brilliant metaphors to paint a picture in the reader’s mind.

Praise indeed from a previously stubborn 9 year old.

This is an exciting and funny story about a boy, a girl, a power station, lots of old people and LOTS AND LOTS OF POO. If your kids of around 8 to 11 like a good poo story, they will love this. My 9 year old certainly did. We spent many hours reading it while he was ill with a poorly tummy recently.

The story is similar to Jeremy Strong, one of my absolute favourite children’s authors, but is quite a bit longer, so suitable for slightly older children.

I’ll be honest, the brilliant writing isn’t consistent throughout and some bits are written better than others, but I wouldn’t expect the average 9 year old to be juding it on that. Not when there’s loads of poo to laugh at! It’s also a shame that the title rather gave away the big mystery (although not the full horrific detail of it), but maybe 8-11 year olds can’t work out what a geriatric generator is?!

I was also disappointed with the large number of typos. On one page the word passed was used three times for past. Shameful. I hope this is sorted out in future print runs of the book. My boy might be only 9, but he spotted the mistakes!

I was sent a copy of Gorgeous George by My Little Big Town publishers for the purposes of this review. I have received no payment for this review and all opinions are my own (and my son’s!).


Author: Sarah Mummy

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