Woodpeckers, statues and pasta

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my children’s words of wisdom, well, random thoughts, with you. I don’t want to give you too much of a good thing.

But as you’ve all been so patient, here’s a tasty selection, on woodpeckers, trips to China, flying and more. All courtesy of my little girl, when she was 5 3/4.

I would hate a woodpecker to put his beak onto our house and get into our house. Do you think a woodpecker could do that?

Poppy said, and I think she was lying, she goes to a kung fu club and she goes on a plane to China. Is China a long, long way? I think she went on a plane, but it just looked like China.

The inside bricks are lucky because they stay warm.

Do you think if I was in the Olympics, and I was running even faster than you’re meant to, and I was jumping up and down, do you think I would start flying?

I’m going to make my pasta snap in my tummy and that will make me do a fart.

Do those statues make any noise?

Me: Do you know what a trench is?
LG: Yes, when it’s raining and you get all trenched.

Daddy: I had a bath, LG.
LG: How did you fit in?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. We are getting trenched constantly at the moment. Bloomin rain and snow! 🙂 she sounds so cute!
    (I think you linked up the wrong post on the linky)

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  2. Brilliant, I paarticularly liked the pasta quote and the one about the bricks staying warm (so cute :)). You’re right, our girls do sound alike 🙂

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  3. When I was 10 my teacher asked me what khaki was. I had no idea so I said, ‘something that opens a car.’

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  4. When checking on my son then aged 3 that he was asleep he suddenly sat up and told me he couldn’t sleep because his eyes kept pinging open all on their own.

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  5. Thanks very much for your comments, everyone. I like the way everyone likes different ones 🙂
    James – I think you gave a very reasonable and sensible answer to your teacher’s question!

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  6. Ha! I like the bricks observation.A very bright child indeed 🙂

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  7. Thanks very much, ladies. Bright or a bit crazy, I think, Aly!
    As bricks go, they are pretty lucky, YMR!

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