What she wore – Grandpa’s birthday

This beautiful outfit from M&S Autograph was a present. I wouldn’t have bought it myself – too grown up and too impractical. It really is only for parties. But, having said that, it does look lovely. It’s a colour my daughter doesn’t usually wear, but it’s a colour that suits her.

The outfit consists of a delicate long tunic, with detailing around the neckline, and a pair of black leggings. My daughter likes it because you can pull it out a long way, like some sort of dress for dancing in. She wore it for Grandpa’s birthday in January. We don’t usually make a fuss of Grandpa’s birthday, but after a really rubbish Christmas we needed a nice family celebration. The outfit isn’t exactly a winter one, but my mum and dad’s house is very hot and we managed to get a vest under it without it showing, so she was fine.

By coincidence, someone else bought her an M&S navy cardigan for Christmas. Navy is not the sort of colour she usually wears either, but it goes perfectly with the outfit.

The outfit goes well with her pink Clark brogues, which are delicate enough to carry it off. The only problem we had with it was her socks! It needs thin, plain black or white socks. It doesn’t need pink stripes or green spots, which seems to be all she has. Of course lots of girls would wear it with delicate, strappy sandals, but I’m pretty anti-delicate, strappy sandals, so that ain’t going to happen!

She also wore the outfit to the school disco, which was great. Sadly (in my opinion) it already matters what you wear in year 2 and it’s all about the sparkles (and the heels, unbelievably) for the girls. This outfit meant she could fit in, in an understated kind of way.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It certainly is a lovely outfit and I hope she gets more opportunities to wear it. Thanks very much for commenting, really appreciate it.

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  2. Very pretty dress and a lovely outfit. I think clothes become important to girls a lot earlier than for boys and it can be hard striking the balance to what you find acceptable and what they want. xx

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  3. She’s loved clothes for as long as I can remember! She loved clothes before she could talk! She still likes the things I like now on the whole, but I see some of her friends have more ‘tarty’ clothes for parties, which is a shame.

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  4. Such a beautiful color! And we’re loving the shoes, my big girlie has a similar pair and is wearing them to death

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  5. Thanks very much 🙂 I’m very pleased with the shoes as they go with pretty much everything and are hardwearing as well as pretty.

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  6. I do like those brogues.I’m not for girly stuff either but that dress is more feminine and elegant than girly.I do think it’s sad when girls think have to dress trashy when they get to teenage years.

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  7. Thanks very much, ladies. It’s a plasure to link to TT, Alex! Sadly girls seem to want to dress trashy a lot earlier than teenage years, Aly 🙁 I will be preventing it for as long as I possibly can!

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