Saturday is circus caption day!

I thought I didn’t have a SatCap for this week, then, while I was looking for something else, I stumbled across this.

It was taken more than half my daughter’s life ago (how did THAT happen?!), when she wasn’t quite 3 and a half.

We went out for a family picnic and stumbled across a random circus workshop.

Can you caption it?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Cannot wait to be in charge of my own fashion – mum just doesn’t have a clue!

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  2. its all about colour coordinating mum! and this time i have it RIGHT

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  3. Thanks very much, everyone! Some fab suggestions 🙂 Couldn’t think of any myself, but knew it was crying out to be captioned!

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  4. Mummy, I’m going up in the world … but can’t see too well for some reason! Great pic, Sarah

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  5. Thanks very much, Carole 🙂
    And she would want to try them too, Kate! Girls are terrors for high heels from such a young age!

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