Running out of time

Thursdays and Fridays in term-time are my time. Yes, I do the housework and go to school to listen to readers. Yes, I do school governor work and run errands. But they are my time. Although, actually, there isn’t much time left for me…

Right now my time is filled with running. It’s not long until my next half marathon and my training is behind schedule. I had an ankle injury which put me back a bit. I should have been running 10 miles for a couple of weeks now, but only managed a 10 mile run for the first time today.

I delude myself that running doesn’t eat into my time to do things around the house and it isn’t influenced by the kids’ activities. It does and it is.

When I’m training, I run on Thursdays and Sundays. I drop the kids at school and I run. Yes, I look a bit weird going down to school in running gear. But I’m not so vain (and I don’t have so much spare time) that I’m going to go home and change. So I drop them and I go. I get home about 10.

Today my daughter had a class assembly, which parents are invited to. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Especially as she had six lines and was Captain Scott! She was given her lines on Monday and knew them off by heart by Monday evening, but that didn’t stop her from going over them right until this morning. She was determined not to make any mistakes – not to forget to speak, forget what she was saying or speak too quietly.

She’s loved learning about Antarctica and has talked about it endlessly. I know the dates they all died, that one of them died on his birthday, exactly a month after one of the others. She can’t understand why they would want to go to Antactica and die, but she is very interested in it. Every time she relates ‘I may be gone some time’ to me, I get a lump in my throat.

As Captain Scott, my daughter had this rather cool prop

My girl had more lines than everyone else and she delivered them beautifully – loud and clear with no mistakes. She sat smiling all the way through it. She was so happy to be there. And so was I. But I was also vaguely anxious about the day ahead and how much I had to achieve in a short space of time.

I couldn’t help wishing the assembly was a Friday… Could I swap my run to a Friday? Not really, because then I wouldn’t have enough time to recover before my run on Sunday. Did it really matter that I was setting off for my run at the time I usually get home? Not really. But if my family wanted the house vaguely clean and tidy and the reception teacher wanted me to turn up on time to listen to readers, it kind of did.

Having proved my ankle can cope with eight miles, I originally planned to take it up to 10 miles last Sunday. This being the Sunday I spent most of the day at rugby. I had to be there at 9.30. A 10 mile run takes approximately an hour and 40 minutes. I have to eat and digest food before I run, which is about an hour and a half. You do the maths!

I love running and I love watching my son playing rugby, but something had to give. I decided that getting up any time before 5.45 on a Sunday was ridiculous. Let’s be honest, most people would consider getting up any time before 7.45 on a Sunday ridiculous. Get up 5.45, set off at 7.15, get home at 8.55. To set off at 9. That’s not going to work. So I had to run eight miles rather than 10 and even then it left very little time to get organised and get out.

Thursdays and Fridays and the hours before the rest of the family get up should be my time. But they’re not. Even with the kids at school or in bed I’m running out of time.

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  1. I am amazed if I find time to have a 20 minute bath in the day! There just are not enough hours in the week to fit in me time! Mind you, due to the congenital laziness I would spend it on sofa with a book rather than running! 🙂

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  2. As a runner’s wife I completely understand, it does play havoc with weekend plans.

    We make lots of sacrifices for Mr B’s training, but it is so worth it. He loves running, and I love supporting him. And after the next marathon, he’s coming to aqua circuits with me 🙂

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  3. I hate having to do my long runs at the weekend, my husband works late mornings and its time with the children but as a runner this is the best day to do it,I have my 18 miles planned this week, with a friend who felt sorry for me last week and I said to her can we go out as soon as it starts to turn light haha, most of my friends children have grown up so they go out at 9 ish I said I nned to be back to see my kids before lunch. sometimes I can never find time but then sometimes I can spend half hour doing nothing important or eatting cake lol where I could just pop out too 🙂 roll on 7 weeks on Sunday so I dont have to run as much 🙂

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  4. Thanks very much, ladies.
    Sonya – you have a toddler, of course you don’t have time! I too like nothing better than to read a book.
    Lesley – it’s great to hear from someone who understands the sacrifices. You supporting your husband is probably similar to me supporting my kids with their support. It can be tough, but wouldn’t change it for the world.
    I LOVE aqua, but had to give it up when I started dancing, couldn’t get a regular pass out twice a week! 😉

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  5. Good luck with that 18 miles, Claire! And even more good luck with seven weeks on Sunday! Glad to hear it’s not only me who struggles to fit runs around family life.

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