Moranthology by Caitlin Moran

We all love Caitlin Moran, don’t we? In fact, we want to be her, don’t we? Or maybe that’s jsut bloggers…

These are the reasons we (I) love Caitlin Moran:

  • She’s funny
  • She’s cool
  • She’s a mother
  • Yes, she’s funny, cool AND a mother
  • She says stupid things without thinking like the rest of us
  • She drops things, falls over and makes a fool of herself like the rest of us
  • She has the most amazing blue Dr Marten’s which I really want, but can’t find

And so to her latest book – Moranthology, follow-up to the brilliant and phenomenally successful How to be a woman. Moranthology is a collection of some of her best columns over the last few years, so regular column readers will be familiar with many of them. I’m not a regular column reader, so they were refreshing and entertaining. Although, if I’m completely honest, I did prefer How to be a woman because it was just so different from life as I know it. Even though she is a similar age to me, her childhood was so far removed from mine and the way she started her career was a real lucky break.

Moranthology includes her awesome night out at a sex club with Lady GaGa. Yeah, like we all do all the time… just a regular hanging out with GaGa thing. She spent lots of time with the Best Doctor Who Ever David Tennant and Kylie Minogue for the filming of the Christmas special. And she annoyed her husband by asking him to call her ‘puffin’ when he was trying to get to sleep.

If you like dipping in and out of your books or can’t follow a complicated plot-line, this book is ideal. Because it has no plot-line! And is made up of lots of stand-alone chapters on a single subject from Sherlock to David Cameron to Downton Abbey and transsexuals in Wolverhampton.

This is an entertaining book and comes highly recommended by me.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I know! Thought twice about reviewing it because you had and then I thought, what the hell, do it anyway!

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  2. I LOVE Caitlin…she’s my absolute hero…and I would love to be her! but I would like to crawl inside her skin and have some kind of semi-cerebral fuse…so a part of me still knows I’m me…so I can marvel at myself and my new found fabulous-ness! (is that a bit odd?) this collection of columns perfect for travelling…like dipping into a glossy mag but more interesting and without feeling the guilt and slightly soiled afterwards! thanks Mo3

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  3. Sarah, I loved her other book so I need to get my hands on this one. Thanks for linking it in to Books You Loved.

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  4. No worries, Carole, thanks for reminding me! It’s a good book and worth a read, but not quite as good as How to be a Woman I think.

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