Accident waiting to happen

My younger son throws himself into life with enthusiasm. He gives life his all. He goes running into everything that life throws at him. And he gets hurt. He is an accident waiting to happen.

One month to the day after his legs stopped working (which was due to his illness and the fact that he walks funny rather than an actual accident), he hurt his shoulder at football. My husband is the coach. And he really is the coach. When he’s on that football field, he’s not his son’s Daddy. All those boys are equal. So I was surprised when I got a phone call asking me to go down to the ground because he’d hurt himself. He’d fallen following a bad tackle.

I could see even from a distance my son was holding himself awkwardly. Every time he stopped running, he rubbed his shoulder. He came over to me with tears in his eyes. Then asked for a drink and ran off.

The next day the rugby ground was like a lake. I don’t know who had checked that pitch, but they might have forgotten they weren’t checking its suitability for a swimming gala. I’d left my husband in charge of the boys and was at home trying (and failing) to get my daughter to do homework. My husband rang to say my son had hurt his shoulder again. Only it was worse this time. Another bad tackle and my son had gone down and people had fallen on top of him. He’d heard a crack. He’d heard a crack the day before at football too.

So it was off to A&E. A&E is like his second home. He goes there on average twice a year. We never take the decision to go to A&E lightly, yet somehow we always end up there. We know the drill – assessed by a nurse, back to the waiting room, seen by a doctor, referred for an Xray, back to the waiting room, get results of Xray from the doctor…

He’s never broken a bone, but he’s taken a large number of knocks over the years. Some caused by his brother, many just caused by his own enthusiasm for life.

His first trip to A&E was aged about eight months. He was strapped into a shopping trolley outside a shop. I was loading the car when his brother decided to push the trolley over. The trolley went down and my baby’s face collided with the pavement.

There was the time his brother threw him against the settee – aged 4 (paper stitches to his face). The two times he fell down the stairs – just before I had his sister and just after. There was the time he knocked his teeth out on the trampoline aged 5. The time his brother fell on his leg age 7.

There was the bad tackle at football aged 8 by an adult who shouldn’t have been playing, who knocked him over and fell on top of him. His nose hasn’t been the same since. It didn’t break, but something shifted inside. It whistles a little bit in his sleep and especially when he’s got a cold. It’s on the list of ‘things we will keep an eye on which may need an unpleasant operation in the future’.

So after going through the entire A&E procedure it was discovered it was his ligaments – the ‘crack’ sound was the ligaments making contact with his bones. Nice. He has MORE exercises to do (he already has his ‘funny leg’ exercises) and is supposed to take Ibuprofen. Already it seems to be better. He hurts himself a lot, but he bounces back quickly.

Place your bets on what he might do to himself in the summer….

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ohh I feel for you! From reading your twitter timeline I know you’ve had your heart in your mouth on more than one occasion! He reminds me of my hubby who is a mad footy fanatic and had broken bones about 4 times and had a LOT of visits to a&e…I hope your summer is accident free!!

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  2. It must be a nightmare! I’m the clumsy one in our family and so far the children aren’t too bad … touch wood!

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  3. Ouch a lot. Hope he’s recovering, he was brave to go out and play rugby after injuring himself Saturday. We’ve not had many A&E visits but I’m just waiting for my oldest to break something. He too throws himself into life. I’m sure no mater how often you have an A&E visit with your child it must always be a worry. Hope you get an injury free patch soon.

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  4. He is a nightmare, bless him! But he always recovers quickly. He shouldn’t have played rugby on Sunday. Funnily enough (not funny at all really) his brother has broken two bones, but he hasn’t actually broken any. He just ‘likes’ to have frequent accidents.
    They don’t get any better when they’re ‘big boys’ then, Tas?
    Hopefully your kids will be OK, Nikki, if they’ve stayed accident free until now.
    Thank you all very much for your comments, I really appreciate them.

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  5. Some of us are accident prone 🙂 It’s annoying to have sit in A&E but a sense of humour helps (speaking from experience) x.

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  6. We need our own parking space at the children’s hospital!
    Luckily we have a minor injuries unit at the local one too.
    But 4 kids and 16 years and only one has broken their arm.

    Good luck for the summer

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  7. I think we have an accident prone family and I don’t mind too much because it shows they are adventurous and having fun, not just say in front of a computer screen all the time. Eldest has broken two bones. The sense of humour definitely helps, Lesley!
    Ha ha, Pink Oddy! You sound rather like us! With four boys I think it’s inevitable.
    Needless to say my daughter has been to A&E far less than her brothers…

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