(Not) Dressing up

I don’t dress up. Ever. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just a grumpy old woman. I like the way I dress and I’m happy with that. I don’t feel the need to add sparkles and heels and flash my bits. I’m not in any way trying to hide my body, but at the same time I have no desire to show it off. I used to make the odd concession a few years back, but recently I’ve become proper stubborn about it.

I dress like a teenage boy. On the school run. On evenings out. Wherever. That’s the way I am, it’s who I am and I don’t want to change.

Most people love to dress up, but that part of me is missing. I don’t mind looking like the odd one out in my jeans and checked shirt and no make-up while everyone else is in dresses, false eyelashes and twinkly bits. I feel much more comfortable being the odd one out than wearing things I don’t like.

The only exception I will make is for weddings, but even then the key is ‘understated’. I will buy a cotton dress that most people would wear for work and I will hate buying shoes and I will hate wearing the shoes and I will almost certainly ditch the shoes and never wear them again as soon as possible.

Tonight is the work Christmas ‘do’. We’re going to a restaurant for a meal, then no doubt some people will be out all night drinking. Although I won’t. We are ‘dressing up’. Well I’m not, I’m wearing my jeans. I will wear my dark coloured ones, which are smarter than my light coloured one,s and I will wear a shirt instead of a hoodie.

But this isn’t good enough. There is talk of ‘sparkles’ and ‘shopping’. I am under pressure to go into actual shops just before Christmas to buy something I don’t need. AND WEAR IT. Or, I could borrow something.

I am neither poor nor tight, yet I have never understood the fascination with shopping or with buying things you will only wear once. I am happy to look at things in the shops and I agree they look nice. In the shops. I have no desire to take them home with me and put them on.

But then I got home from work and I had a think. Maybe, just MAYBE, I could do it. I thought of one of my colleagues who is cool and rock ‘n’ roll, way cooler and more rock ‘n’ roll than me. She dresses up, but she does it in her own way. It doesn’t involved short sparkly number and heels from Top Shop, Tesco or Primark.

Could I do it in my own way?

I remembered a quirky little dress – with flamingos on. I’d wanted it for my cousin’s wedding three years ago, but when I came to buy it, it wasn’t there any more. So I bought a different dress. Then I saw it for a third of the price in an outlet shop. It was missing its belt, but it didn’t need it anyway. So I bought it. I’ve worn it to a couple of Christmas parties over the years. It looks good and it isn’t sparkly. I’ll wear it with my (fake) leather jacket and my heeled Dr Martens.

I’ll be dressing up. But I’ll still be ME.

My colleagues are happy with me, they are looking forward to seeing me glammed up. They won’t be seeing any make-up, though. That would be a step too far.

(Am I weird?)

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Bravo that lady! Well put! You are going to look wonderful tonight, but more importantly you will be comfortable, and still very much you! And yes…you are a bit weird…but show me someone who isn’t…you’d be pretty dull if you weren’t! Rock on chick! x

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  2. Thanks very much for the support! I will rock on and I will do my best too look wonderful 🙂 x

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  3. OMG there is a typo in my comment. I wrote too instead of to. Hangs head in shame.

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  4. Aw, thanks very much! Just hope it looks good when I put it on later!

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  5. Love that outfit! It is something I would pick! Very very rock n roll! Love it! x

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  6. Rock the party in your flamingo dress. If you feel good in it, you’ll have a great time x.

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  7. No, not weird just different to some of the others. The difference is, that YOU are comfortable in your own skin. And I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that your colleagues are happy with you and looking forward to seeing you 🙂 ps loving the dress!

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  8. I like that flamingo dress. I’m not big on getting glammed up and I’m hopeless at things like putting on nail varnish.

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  9. Thank you very much, everyone! Only by chatting to people last night I discovered how uncomfortable a lot of people are in their own skin even in their 30s. I thought this was just a teenage thing!
    My colleagues were all lovely and went on and on about how much they loved the dress and how I should wear dresses more often. I’ve probably set myself a precedent now!
    Weirdly, Erica, the one thing I ALWAYS do is wear nail varnish. I’ve been wearing it since I was 16 and I’m still terrible at it!
    Thank you all for your comments, I really appreciate them. x

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  10. The dress is fun but I am loving the jacket and the Dr Martens. You sound like a proper groovy rock chick to me.
    Thanks so much for linking up to Groovy Mums – hope to see you there again.

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  11. I can’t believe you have written the words ‘heeled Doc Martins’ and then not posted a photo. What on earth do heeled doc martins look like? I am intrigued……

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  12. I’m sorry! I will tweet a photo of the heeled Doc Martens!
    Thanks, Kate, I can be a groovy rock chick when I want to be – although I’m more of a groovy street chick after two and a bit years of street dance classes! I’ll be back with my groove on soon.

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  13. Thanks very much 🙂 I get a lot of compliments, it was weird, I’m not used to compliements!

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