Baby talk

Toddlers say some cute things, but so do bigger kids. As well as keeping track of my kids’ funny questions and statements, I’ve kept track of some of the cute things they’ve said wrong.

Well, when I say they, I mean ‘she’. The boys got the hang of talking from a very young age. My daughter, not so much so. She said all of these when she was 5 1/2.

Daddy has went.


I’ve never saw.

The pumpkin’s gone brown because it’s un-litted.

You know sometimes I talk when my dream is on.

Colding up.


Knitting nail.

I can’t put my eyes up.

I couldn’t manage to get it furth enough.

The game is brokened.

Did your kids say cute things? Or maybe they still do? Enjoy it while they do, it won’t last forever and you’ll miss it when it’s gone…

Wot So Funee?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Hehe aww that’s cute! Z always says “it’s working!” when he means it’s not working.

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  2. That is really cute! Did you write them down or do you have am amazing memory? Mine have often said funny things but I forget them all.

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  3. My two year old says her nose is falling down when she needs it wiping. She also calls her gloves glubs

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  4. Thanks very much for your comments, ladies, much appreciated.
    Sounds quite confusing, NMYO, but you soon get to understand these idiosyncracies, don’t you? It gets confusing when they suddenly get it right then!
    I write them down, Nikki! I don’t want to forget them. I started writing stuff down two and a bit years ago because I didn’t want to lose the memories – and that’s how the blog was born!
    Very cute, Ericka! I think glubs is a popular one. Also pittens 🙂

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  5. aw how cute, my 2yr old says some brilliant things at the moment she thinks anything that does not work needs batteries. Leyla – thisdayilove

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  6. My eldest used to say that too! It’s so easy to forget these things and they grow out of them quite fast. I’m secretly quite glad my daughter’s grasp of language isn’t as good as her brothers’ as I will miss these cute mistakes when they’re gone!

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  7. Cute 😉 x can’t wait for mine to talk! Or can I… actually I like her quiet lol x hopped over through Wot so Funee xxx

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  8. You will love it! It’s so cute when they talk! Thanks for commenting. x

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  9. YOu are so right! I’m soon going to be looking for a #funee successor because my kids are getting too sensible in their old age!

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