The Gallery: The 1980s

Ah, the ’80s! The decade that fashion forgot. It was all hairspray, blue eye make-up, huge plastic earring, ra-ra skirts, leggings in a range of hideous colours, legwarmers…

Well, sorry to disappoint you. I don’t have photographic evidence of any of these crimes against fashion.

As 1980 dawned, I was 6 years old. As we said farewell to the 80s and slipped into the 90s, I was 16.

Here I am aged about 9 or 10, looking remarkably similar to my eldest

At the start of the decade I was, obviously, wearing clothes that my my mum bought me. From Marks & Spencers. Always Marks & Spencers. I was a tomboy and often wore the same clothes as my brother (are you impressed, feminist, anti-pink readers?!).

The boys’ clothes, aged 13

As the decade wore on, I found my own style niche. After a brief flirtation with typical 80s fashion around the age of 13 – the colour mustard was involved, along with wide belts, BIG shirts and leggings – I paved my own fashion way.

This yellow Tshirt is probably the last thing my mum bought me because I HATED it. Check out the outfit on my French exchange penfriend

I was a bit indie, a bit alternative, a bit grunge. No doubt this had a bit more of an 80s influence than I would care to remember. There was a hat without a crown (is that the word for the top bit?!) which I thought was the dogs doo-dahs. I had my hair poking out the top and thought I looked brilliant. Kylie Minogue had a very similar one. She probably looked a bit better than me.

I’m the one looking all cool 80s rock chick (or maybe Bros-ette, that wasn’t the intention though)

Here, thanks to my mum and dad who gave me my old photo albums out of the loft a few years back, and with apologies to anyone else who appears, is my fashion through the 80s.

Some old friends in 1987. Check out the denim. They’re not my friends any more, a good job really because they wouldn’t be after this.
Some of my friends larking around in 1987. No me again.
Some more French exchange kids in 1989. How cool is that mullet and the whole Jon Bon Jovi look?!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’d forgotten about that hat!

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  2. Some fantastic pictures! I was born in 1982 so was little when it was the 80’s!

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  3. What a great post! Takes me back too, although I’m not as brave as you to put it into the public domain 🙂

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  4. OMG I bet you really fancied that last dude with the Kevin Bacon look!!! Uber funny!!!

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  5. Brilliant pictures, I forgot about denim jackets being all the rage…I think i wore them well into the 00s!

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  6. The middle two pictures remind me of Marty’s picture in Back to the Future – the one that keeps fading! Great pictures!

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  7. Brilliant pictures! Ra-ra skirts, I remember them. Used to have a few. Can’t believe I used to feel comfortable in a skirt once!!

    CJ x

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  8. The hat did make me laugh, I remember people wearing things like that! I looked rather like those people in denim jackets with the spiky hair-sprayed bouffons! I was desperate for a ra-ra skirt and was finally allowed one at the age of 11…a courduroy one! PS That yellow Snoppy T-shirt really was BAD!

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  9. fab collection of photos – a journey through the 80’s.

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  10. Thanks very much, everyone!
    Shona – I’m sure I had a photo of THAT hat, but I don’t know where – probably still lurking up my mum’s loft!Glad someone else remembers them, Suzanne! The Tshirt was dreadful, wasn’t it?
    Very jealous of everyone who had a real ra-ra skirt, I had a poor imitation of one when I was 11 or 12. From M&S. Of course.
    I think the fading picture effect is due to me taking photos of actual photos with my iPhone in artificial light with my own shadow cast over them, Nickie!
    Saveeverystep – I SO didn’t. Thanks.

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  11. some great photos, i believe we had similar denim jackets, god love a stone wash!

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  12. The stonewash is definitely best left in the past, isn’t it?! Thanks very much for commenting!

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