Nits and jacket potatoes

Our family has been hit by nits again. Sadly, this isn’t an unusual occurrence read about that here but this time was relatively tame. Just one child hit. By a small number of nits. But this didn’t stop us from treating all the kids.

My daughter has beautiful waist-length hair. But when you’re treating nits, beautiful waist length hair is the last thing you want. I shampooed it four times, plus one lot of conditioner. I thought it would be enough, but when I saw her greasy locks the following day, I realised it wasn’t. Anyway, I digress.

As I was scrubbing and rinsing away for about half an hour, she started speculating on the nits and why they are so hard to find.

‘Nits are very small. They’re even smaller than a pea. They’re even smaller than sweetcorn. They’re definitely smaller than jacket potatoes.’   

And then she hit me with it. Surely something that no-one in the world has uttered EVER.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my daughter’s mind…

‘If you put a nit by a jacket potato, it would probably scream. But we wouldn’t hear it scream because it wouldn’t have enough room to breathe in and let it out.’

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Classic ! Children are odd creatures .. Jacket Potatos make more sense.. Sometimes

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  2. My kids say some odd things, but she really surpassed herself this time! No sense whatsoever! Thanks for commenting.

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  3. If only it were that easy, I would have them carry jacket potatoes round with them everywhere!

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  4. Arghhh, I don’t learn do I? I should never read posts or tweets about nits as they just leave me feeling all itchy!

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  5. Sorry! I know what you mean. This was a small outbreak, confined to one child and I was still scratching for over a week convinced I was infested!

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