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I’ve been asked by that lovely Sonya Cisco to write about some things that wind me up, annoy me, get on my goat. We’re not talking atrocities by one nation against another here or even the state of the economy. We’re talking about the small stuff. The pet hates.

So here are some things that really get my goat.

Wrappers in pockets. Which end up in the washing machine. Penguins, Mars bars, Haribo, Crunchie, chocolate buttons… They all end up in my washing machine. And there’s only one person who puts them there. My eldest son. He changes his jeans fairly often, yet somehow there is always a minimum of six wrappers in there. Once he even put an iPod Shuffle in there. Needless to say, it didn’t make it out alive.

Spilt milk. Don’t cry over spilt milk… They say this for a reason because, actually, I’ve been on the brink of tears about it a number of times. When you’re in a hurry in the morning, it’s really the last thing you need. The worst is a leakage in the fridge. Oh my flipping word. That REALLY upsets me.

On the whole I’m afraid to say the main culprit is, once again, my eldest. It’s like we’re waging a war of attrition over his breakfast. He doesn’t like making it. Does he think if he spills the milk EVERY SINGLE DAY I will cave in and just do it for him? Sometimes he leaves it for me to clean, sometimes he makes a vague effort to do it himself and sometimes it goes un-noticed for a few days. UNTIL I SMELL IT. And then I’m really unhappy.

A wet bathroom floor/ bath mat. I manage to get out of the shower without wetting the floor. My boys manage to get out of the shower flooding the floor and soaking the bath mat until it weighs about three times what it should EVERY TIME THEY HAVE A SHOWER. How does that work?

Soft fruit. I love fruit. I eat a lot of it. But I’m rather particular about it. I can’t bear an apple that’s gone a bit soft, got a litte bit of broken skin or is, God forbid, BRUISED. And I really, really can’t stand horrible squashy grapes. You know how Tesco deliveries ‘pick you the food you’d choose yourself’? They don’t. Because I have really high standards with my grapes and spend some time inspecting them. Approximately once every two months I am forced to phone Tesco to complain about my grapes and get a refund. And, fair play to them, they always give it. And they don’t point out that I only asked for a refund for grapes six weeks ago.

Bedtimes. Specifically the fact that the kids don’t think they have one. I can have them in their rooms at 8.30, but they will still be in and out until 10pm with absolutely no regard for their bedtime whatsoever. But by about 8.30 (to be honest, sometimes earlier), I’m ready to have some time without them.

So now to ask some others what irks them, what drives them up the wall, what gets their goat.

So what gets on your nerves?

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  1. Ooh, wrappers in pockets gets my goat too, and tissues! Soo annoying! Syd has no clue about bedtimes either! Great list! 🙂

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  2. Hi,

    Stopped by via Google+. What a great list! I have to admit that I don’t really have to deal with wrappers in pockets just yet but I’m not looking forward to that one! My two are pretty good with bedtimes but what gets me is the constant arguing.

    My two are 8 and 3 but somehow they manage to argue over EVERYTHING. 8yr old wants a toy, 3yr old wants it too. Or they both want a particular sweet, which there are many of but they’ll argue about it anyway!

    The biggy for me at the moment is pens without lids on the carpet. When I see that I think steam must burst from my ears. Especially black felt tip pens!

    Great post!

    Morgan x

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  3. Thank you all for commenting, I really appreciate it. Welcome, Morgan, it’s great to know Google+ works! I just stick stuff on there, but never know if it really works!
    I’m with you on the toilet rolls, Mini Mes.
    My kids are very argumentative too, Morgan. You’ll be pleased to know that the wrappers in pockets started well before 8 for us, so maybe you’ve managed to avoid that one! I’m with you on pens on the carpet. Arm of the settee is another one! Grrr!

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  4. Yes I was nodding my head as I was reading that. I am going to try and come up with a list of different ones!

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  5. Soft bananas actually frighten me, however when I am making a banana bread it is the ONLY time where soft fruit is acceptable. Also, I cant stand spelling mistakes, we have spell checker everywhere, whats up with that?!

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  6. Totally agree with your wonderful list and would add milk being left out of fridge to get warm …. Tissues in pockets that then go through the wash and hair grips/ collar stiffeners / loose change that then block washing machine filter causing mammoth flooding when I attempt to clear it !!

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  7. Hah! Agree with you on nearly all of those points – wrappers in pockets, has to be the biggest goat get of them all though, purely because of the amount of damage it could cause and the amount of money it could end up costing me!

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  8. Hell yes to ALL of the above. Re the first one…. red napkin in white silk blouse breast pocket. You can imagine the carnage, can’t you?

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  9. Thanks for your comments, everyone. Glad I’m not just being a whinger and these have universal goat getting qualities!
    Angeline – I hate ALL bananas, but my whole family like them, which is an achievement as my kids are really fussy. My eldest will only eat them black 🙁
    Tracy – with you on the milk left out. In the summer my poor younger son kept getting lumps in his milk because the eldest left it out!
    Oh dear – red napkin. Aagh, that must have been awful!

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