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Bullocks, Gok Wan, machine guns and arteries – the sort of things we all think about it every day. Well, maybe not ALL of us. Maybe just my kids. Mainly my eldest at that.

These are all from him last year, at the age of 10 1/4.

Is Gok Wan dead?

Mummy, after school can I go to the field of bullocks and try bull fighting?

Mummy, do you think I’ve burst one of my arteries?

Do you think in World War II you could have a massage from a machine gun when they weren’t in use?

Did you know that some people nowadays are fatter than Henry VIII?

What is your worst animal, Mummy? Mine’s pigeons or seagulls.

If you smoked, would you like the smell of other people smoking?

What do French chavs sound like?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You have made me laugh! I never know whats going on in their minds. Yesterday big man wanted to know if flowers have blood and what would happen if you gave them milk instead of water. I think this was due to them learning about their bodies at school!

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  2. Boys are so funny! Could be an interesting experiment to give them milk?! Thanks very much for commenting.

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  3. I wonder why he thought he’d burst an artery?
    They do ask some strange things don’t they?

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  4. Thanks very much for your comments, ladies!
    Glad it’t not just my kids who ask random questions, AMAM. And I think they sound like ‘eeeenneeet’.

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  5. LOL…. what DO french chavs sound like… I’ve always wondered?

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  6. Just a note to let you know that your link in to Books You Loved: September was showcased in the October edition which has just posted. Would love to see another contribution from you this month! This is the link – Books You Loved October Edition

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  7. Brilliant! I’m relieved that it’s not just mine that say and ask daft things. Although it is great blog material when they do!

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  8. They certainly do! I love the funny things they say. You expect them to grow out of it, but as you can see, they don’t!

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