Four days before we set off for our five day holiday to Center Parcs, my daughter announced that she was going to do her packing.

She loves packing. What is wrong with her?! I hate packing. I hate washing to get ready for packing, I hate organising and I hate packing. When you’ve packed for a family of five to go on a British self-catering holiday, you’re never going to enjoy packing. My daughter loves it though. Sometimes I wonder where she came from.

She disappeared into her room and I could hear her banging about. I went to check on her and was met with tiny neat piles of clothes – each containing trousers, Tshirt, jumper and pair of pants.

‘I’ve done a chart and I’m ticking it’ she says.

She’s done a chart! She really has. I have no idea where she got this idea from. It is amazing. Five days marked and she is ticking the days off as she prepares the outfit for that day. She has marked travelling and has put the outfit aside specially. Seriously?! Even my husband needs reminding to put aside a set of clothes for travelling in.

She’s allowed for two pairs of pyjamas while she’s away and has marked on her chart when she will change them.

She’s allowed for one trip to a restaurant and has packed a dress and tights especially.

The chart is truly awesome.

And look closely at the spelling mistakes – I love them!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. How cute is that? Usually kids are organised because their parents are….she is obviously an exception to the rule! Keep encouraging that one 🙂

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  2. Bless her! I need her help! I have not a jot of organisational ability!

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  3. This is the sort of thing my eldest does and I too have no idea where she gets it from!

    Love that chart! 🙂

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  4. Thanks very much for your comments, ladies.
    I would rent her out, but not until shes sorted me!
    I’m kind of reasonably organised, but not neat and tidy and nowhere near THAT organised. I do hope she keeps it up!
    Maybe it’s just a 6 year old girl thing, YMR?
    I love the chart too! It’s one of my favourite things ever!

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  5. Amazing. My children unfortunately are like me and chaotic on the packing front. We went away this week and had far too much with us and stuffed randomly into holdalls.
    Your daughter sounds like a special little lady.

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  6. Thanks very much, ladies!
    You sound like me, Kate! I’m kind of organised, but I always take way too much stuff – I always like to be prepared for every eventuality!
    She certainly is a special little lady, I really appreciate you saying that 🙂

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  7. This is great! Well done to your daughter so many skills in that little list of hers there, I wished I was this super organised.

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  8. Thanks very much, it’s lovely, isn’t it? Really appreciate your comments.

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