Why my birthday is going to be a bit crap

I’m 39 next week. I’m not sure how that crept up on me really. Not the 39 bit, the next week bit. I hadn’t noticed we were already halfway through September.

We take birthdays seriously in our house. If it’s a weekday, my husband and I take the day off work and go out for the day, then out for a meal in the evening. If it’s a weekend we all go out as a family. But this year it’s not going to be quite so good.

Here are the reasons my birthday is going to be a bit crap this year:

  • My eldest is on Scout camp – from the evening before until late on the day after.
  • My younger son and his Daddy (the football coach) will be playing football in the morning.
  • My parents are away so won’t be able to celebrate with us. Or babysit.
  • I won’t be needing a babysitter anyway because I have my final half marathon training run the day after my birthday and therefore can’t eat anything unusual the night before.
  • For the same reason, I can’t even eat my own birthday cake.

Next year (clearly) I am going to be 40. I will be a little bit stricter with my family (and myself) about what they can and can’t do, so we can actually enjoy my birthday together as a family.

I hope I’m not coming across all spoilt brat and me-me-me here. My birthday and Mother’s Day are the two days of the year when I expect to just get a teensy bit of thought and consideration from those around me (while continuing to wash their clothes, make their breakfasts and tidy the kitchen etc). I never go away for the weekend with my husband, I’ve never had a girls’ holiday. The ONLY time I have EVER left my three kids for the weekend was for my friend’s wedding last weekend.

So, really, I’m not asking much, am I?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Totally in support here. I always make a fuss of other people’s birthdays, we were made a fuss of as a kid and I think it’s the one day of the year on which to make someone feel special. Mummies are included! I hope that your husband and kids find a way to make it special for you (perhaps they’re reading this?!) PS I have been known to have a little strop if things arent ‘special’ enough 😉

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  2. Thanks very much, Suzanne, glad I’m not the only one who thinks this! One thing I will say for my husband is he always gets good presents – he is the only man in the world who can be trusted to buy clothes!
    My friend turned 30 this week, she didn’t want to be 30 and told her family she ‘didn’t want a fuss’, but then admitted she would have a strop if they didn’t make a fuss!
    Thanks very much for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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  3. my birthday is a massive event of my own making and I expect all family members to fall into line.Birthdays are one special day that everyone should have, I love making their birthdays special so I expect the same for myself. So I can understand you feeling a bit miffed with the situation this year. I would do too.

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  4. Oh, I hope your Birthday won’t be that bad. Why not celebrate on another day when everyone can join you? And BTW, 40 is fab – you’ve got so much to look forward to x.

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  5. I am 40 this December … so I know who you feel there never seems ot be fuss round my birthday either. People at work it seems seem to party all year .. ! Hugs and virtual wine.

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  6. Thanks for your support, everyone! Glad I’m not behaving like a spoilt brat! We will at least go out for a meal the day after and I will definitely make the most of my 40th!
    Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them 🙂

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  7. Hello. Just found you on britmums back to blogging week. Your post made me smile – I’m almost 39 too, almost a mum of three, and am anticipating a pretty non-birthday this year! I hope your family surprise you though and you def need to celebrate big time next year! x

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  8. A fellow Virgo?! Hope you still find a way to enjoy your birthday!! I totally believe that birthday celebrations can last for a week if necessary!!

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  9. Oooh you will be my age on your birthday 🙂 have a great time,you always have next year to plan something special,a nice film and treats ( will give you lots of energy for your race? )is your your race this week then? Happy birthday and have a great race,tweet me when you have time 🙂

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  10. I’m so sorry. Maybe you can find some way to make it up. I know it won’t be the same as celebrating on that day but at least you will get the recognition you deserve. But that still sucks. You deserve that recognition

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  11. Thanks very much for your comments, ladies, I really appreciate them.
    The day was a lot better than expected in the end. Rather than my killer 12 mile run today, which would have meant eating bland food on my birthday, I did a nice easy 5 miles on my birthday. I went to the cinema with my daughter in the morning, then had a nice meal with husband in the evening.
    Race is next Sunday… Bring it on!
    Yep, a Virgo in every way, MWM, although I don’t believe in these things, I’m still a typical Virgo!

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  12. Sounds you like you need a weekend get away, with or with your husband! Happy birthday. Found you on the Weekend blog hop

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  13. Thanks, Julia! It wasn’t so bad in the end. It’s good to know the weekend blog hop is working! I usually find a couple of new things to read there too 🙂

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