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My son has been at secondary school a couple of weeks now and I’m pleased to say that so far it’s gone very well.

I’d done all my grieving and worrying for the best part of a year in advance – from this year time last year when we were looking round schools and making our ‘choices’ read about that here through the sheer emotion of the last few days of school stuff like this

I took the day off work for his first day, which seemed a bit strange since I had so little leave left and hadn’t been able to use much when the kids were actually OFF school. But it was important to me to see him off on that first day and be there when he got home.

When it finally came, it was a bit of an anticlimax. He got all dressed up in his uniform, looking VERY smart, and he went. Off to catch the bus. Out of the door. No tears (from either of us), no nerves (from either of us) and no backwards glance. At the end of the day, he just turned up home again. Magically transported here by the bus.

And a slightly different boy walked into the house. A nicer boy, a calmer boy, a more grown up boy, a boy who was showing patience to his sister for the first time EVER.

It had taken ONE DAY to change him. And where I was unhappy with the way primary school changed him (sadly made him less nice), I was amazed and impressed by this.

He didn’t talk loads about school, but he talked about it more than I expected – about the lessons, the teachers, the kids. He talked about it in a way which suggested he already felt he belonged there.

And so it has gone on. I’d decided secondary school was the time he would become more self-sufficient and get stuff organised for himself. I don’t know what lessons he has when – it is up to him to pack the right books and remember his PE kit. And he’s doing it! My chaotic, disorganised boy is doing things for himself. He’s taking responsibility for himself.

After all my fears, I’m so pleased with how smoothly he has made the transition and I hope it continues. I am very proud of my big, grown up boy.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. And so you should be! It sounds as though Secondary School is really suiting him 🙂 Long may it last x

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  2. Hi there visiting from 3 Children and It. It’s amazing how much mental anguish is spent on that transition from primary to secondary. Like you I worried and dithered about what school with my eldest and she actually ended up in the private sector only to be miserable. She’s now at our local state secondary and couldn’t be happier – they may not get great results but the kids are well behaved (better than the private school) there’s a distinct lack of bullying and the pastoral care has been fantastic. Sounds like your boy has responded to the change admirably – hope it continues to suit him.

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  3. Thanks very much for commenting, Mama M. He’s still doing OK, although I find myself quite mystified by secondary school as I don’t really know what happens there! Interesting to hear that behaviour etc weren’t good at the private school. Results at son’s school are decent and so is behaviour. It’s a good comprehensive and that’s the best place for him!

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