Some holiday questions

In honour of my recent return from holiday, here are a few of the kids’ best holiday-related questions…

If you don’t know Padstow, it’s on an estuary. When the tide goes out, the sea virtually disappears.

LG age 4 1/4: Are there any creatures in the sea? Whales? Sharks? (In Padstow)

LG age 4 1/4: Did we bring any ice creams with us? (On our picnic, to the beach)

LG age 4 1/4: Do you think we will meet Italy again?

LG age 4 1/4: How do planes have enough petrol if they want to go really fast?

B1 age 9: Daddy, can I get a hovercraft?

B1 age 9: Why is Gatwick airport bigger than our village?

B1 age 9: Is the Eden Project bigger than our village?

B1 age 10 1/4: How much does a plane ticket cost? (He doesn’t actually specify where to).

And one from the archive, from when he was nearly 2 and we were going to Disneyland Paris:

B1: Mick Mouse B1 no like.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. ‘Did we bring any ice creams with us?’ < This is always a most important question 🙂

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  2. Isn’t it?! And so practical when you just have to buy the ice cream, walk to the ferry, cross the estuary on the ferry, walk along the beach and then play on the beach before your picnic. The ice cream is going to be in lovely condition!

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