Saturday is long jump caption day!

This is my very first ever go at SatCap, so I would appreciate your comments. What would you say to this flying old bird?

Hit me with your very best caption!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Thanks very much for your suggestions, everybody. I’m slightly surprised (and maybe a little bit disappointed) that no-one has noticed my resemblance to Jessica Ennis! 😉

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  2. And the gold medal in Olympic imaginary sand dune running-uppery goes to….

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  3. THE SAND IS ON FIRE! THE SAND IS ON FIRE! Oh no wait. False alarm. It with just yellow and shiny.

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  4. When Sarah’s husband told her to take a running jump he hadn’t expected her to take it literally!

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  5. Thanks very much for your suggestions, they all made me laugh 🙂
    I have to say the one which just made me smile that little bit more was WallyMummy’s!
    And thanks to Louise for taking my ever-so-subtle hint about Jessica Ennis on board!

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