How grown up are you?

A recent list of 50 things that prove you are ‘grown up’ got me thinking. How grown up am I?

1 Having a mortgage – Yes, I’ve had one since I was 25 (I’m 38 now!).

2 Mum and Dad no longer make your financial decisions – they haven’t since I went to university, although I must admit my husband makes all the big financial decisions for the family now.

3 Paying into a pension – Yes, since I’ve been with my current employer – 13 years.

4 Conducting a weekly food shop – Conducting? Is Tesco an orchestra now? Yes, via good old Tesco online.

5 Written a will – No, it’s one of those things we talk about and never get round to doing.

6 Having children – yes, two boys and a girl. I had my first child at 27.

7 Budgeting every month – er, no. I don’t go crazy and I have a good understanding of what I can and can’t spend, but I don’t budget as such.

8 Cooking a meal from scratch – er, no. I’m no cook. Dolmio is my best friend.

9 Getting married – yes, I’ve been married for 12 years.

10 Getting life insurance – yes, I get it with my pension (I think).

11 Recycling – yes! Obsessively.

12 Having a savings account – yes, but my husband is the mastermind, I know nothing about it.

13 Knowing what terms like ‘ISA’ and ‘tracker’ mean – ISA, yes. Tracker, no.

14 Watching the news – from time to time, I don’t have to watch it. That’s bad really, seeing as I’m a press officer.

15 Owning a lawnmower – yes, a petrol one. We even get it serviced! I love cutting the grass (weirdo).

16 Doing your own washing – yes, and everyone else’s in the house.

17 Taking a trip to the local tip – yes.

18 Planting flowers – not really, I planted a few daffodils a couple of years back, they’re the only flower I really love.

19 Being able to bleed a radiator – I’m sorry? BLEED A RADIATOR?! Are you joking?

20 Having a joint bank account – yes, ever since we got married.

21 Having a view on politics – yes, but I have to keep it quiet as I work in a politically sensitive post.

22 Keeping track of interest rates – no, I couldn’t care less. It’s probably lucky that my husband does care and does keep track.

23 Finding a messy house annoying – yes!

24 Being able to change a lightbulb – no way!

25 Owning a vacuum cleaner – yes, a Henry. We have had many over the years, but only the Henry can cope with my hair.

26 Holding dinner parties – no, but that’s partly because we live in a bungalow with boys who don’t think they should go to sleep before 10pm – they would be dancing round in their pants and showing off.

27 Listening to Radio 2 – no, it’s Radio 1 all they way.

28 Enjoying gardening – no, but did I mention that I do love cutting the grass?

29 Spending weekend just ‘pottering’ – no, not unless taking the kids to football and rugby counts as pottering?

30 Mum starts asking you for advice – no.

31 Carrying spare shopping bags just in case – yes, I like to be green and feel awful if I have to use a carrier bag.

32 Like going round garden centres – no.

33 Wearing coats on a night out – yes! Although nights out are very rare.

34 Going to bed before 11pm – no, I would love to, but I’m always too busy. I used to go to bed earlier when I was younger.

35 Making sure mum and dad are phoned at least once a week – yes, I speak to my mum every day and see them most days.

36 Classing work as a career rather than a job – yes.

37 Repairing torn clothes rather than throwing them away – sometimes, but mum has to do it for me! Or I just wear them torn. Shameful.

38 You iron – never, ever, ever! Husband does his own shirts.

39 You wash up immediately after eating – it goes straight in the dishwasher.

40 You enjoy cooking – no!

41 You buy a Sunday paper – never. I don’t buy any paper. I buy Heat, though.

42 Always going out in a sensible pair of shoes – yes! I am hard on shoes and wear them down badly and can’t walk on high heels.

43 You like receiving gift vouchers – yes.

44 Work keeps you awake at night – no, never.

45 Filing post – no.

46 You have a best crockery set – yes, our wedding Denby.

47 Able to change a car tyre – no.

48 Being sensible enough to remove make-up before bedtime – I never wear make-up.

49 Being able to follow a receipt – er, yes. Where would be the problem in that?

50 Owning ‘best’ towels as well as everyday towels – no!

So there you go. It looks like I am only 52% grown up! I’m guessing my slapdash attitude to cooking, housework and gardening and my inability to care about the news and interest rates and stuff means I’m probably not as grown up as I should be at 38!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Thanks very much, and no problem! Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the advice, Glenn. You can see why I rely on my husband for the financial stuff – I have no idea about this sort of thing at all.
    And why would I need to learn to change a lightbulb and bleed a bleeding radiator – you don’t have a dog and bark yourself!

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  3. Ha ha, I’ve just seen your ‘have a dog and bark yourself’ comment. I have used that too – funnily enough about the radiator thing. Thanks for the tag!

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  4. Ha ha, thanks. Don’t want to put feminism back 100 years or anything, but we all have our niches. My husband doesn’t need to bark at the washing machine, because he has a dog who does that for him. Great minds think alike 🙂

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