Hitler, Japanese smokers and builders

B1 has studied World War 2 at school, so sometimes he talks about Hitler. Sometimes he talks about Japanese people smoking – and why wouldn’t you?! It’s just an everyday topic of conversation.

And some other random, weird stuff from my kids…

B1 age 9 3/4: B2 kicked me.
Me: Why did he kick you?
B1: Because I said he loved Hitler.

B1 age 9 3/4: What would happen if you took the screen off the telly?

LG age 5 (she asked this question in June): How do they get Father Christmas? What if other people wanted to be him?

B1 age 10 3/4: Do you think we could be distantly related to Hitler? Like 80th cousin, or something.

B1 age 10 3/4: Do Japanese people smoke? Everyone in the world smokes, apart from Africa.

B2 age 8 1/4: (to me) Would you like to be a builder?
Me: Do you think I would be a good builder?
B1 age 10 3/4: You’re good at running.

B1 age 10: Did people have keys to lock doors in the olden days?

B2 age 7 3/4: Mummy, can I run about 22km an hour?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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