Barcelona dreaming

My travel-phobic 6 year old daughter has announced that she wants to go abroad! Specifically, she wants to go to Barcelona. This seems like too good an opportunity to miss, so we are taking her request pretty seriously.

It all started when my younger son was searching the bookshelves for publishers. He is writing a book (‘101 ways to insult your enemy’ – so far he has written two of the insults) and thought he’d better find out who could publish it for him. So he went through all the bookshelves and noted all the publishers he could fine – 99 in total. In doing so, he removed a book about Gaudi from our bookshelf.

‘That looks like Antoni Gaudi,’ said my daughter.


‘Gaudi, we’ve been learning about him at school. In Barcelona. Parc Guell with the lizard and the benches.

I was impressed. I hadn’t even HEARD of Gaudi until I went to Barcelona in 1998, at the age of nearly 25. She started flicking through the book and showing us things she’d learned about at school. Then she said it.

‘I wish I could go there.’

My daughter, the girl who hates ‘other countries’ (apart from Disneyland Paris, which doesn’t really count), hates food that isn’t English, drinks that aren’t English and gets travel sick, asking to go to another country!

My memories of Barcelona are of a beautiful and vibrant place, nice and warm, but not unbearably hot. With Gaudi architecture everywhere.

In our few days in Barcelona, we climbed every hill there was, admired the city from every possible angle and soaked up the atmosphere on the Ramblas. It was most definitely a happy time. A memory from the time when travelling was easy and not a big military operation that was only ever going to end in starvation, travel sickness and lost stuff.

I wanted to find my photos to show my daughter that we really had been there – to Parc Guell, the Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera. So I crawled under the bed. I found photo albums from 1997 and 1999 (not to mention the 60 or so since having the kids), but nothing from 1998. I tried the garage. The jury is out, that needs further investigation. Ditto our small amount of loft space. Those photos were real, I can picture them. I just can’t find the damn things. I’ve become quite fixated on tracking them down, but to no avail.

When Daddy got home from work, my daughter told him all about Gaudi and said it again: ‘I wish we could go there’.

So my husband fired up the internet and started searching. Actually, for three or four nights it isn’t too expensive. Even for a family of five. And you can’t say that about many things. He thinks he even found the hotel we stayed in, although I wouldn’t know. There are better hotels too, for a good price.

Flights go from Heathrow, which isn’t great, BUT IT’S NOT GATWICK. Most significantly, they go TO Barcelona, not somewhere 100/ 150/ 200 miles away. Can you see where I’m going with this?! IT’S NOT LIKE ITALY. IT IS FINE.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to check out this post and this post about our terrible trip to Italy.

We haven’t booked it yet, but the whole family is pretty keen, so I think it may really happen.Imagine that, us actually going abroad. And all thanks to number 2 son and his book about enemies!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ooh how exciting! We had a very happy time in Barcelona – there are some posts in my blog archive – so I do hope you get to go again. Make most of your daughter’s interest while she’s keen.

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  2. Thanks very much, that is exactly what I think! It might help cure her phobia of ‘abroad’ if we go somewhere she chooses. I’m very excited about the prospect. Now going to check your blog archive… Thanks very much for commenting.

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  3. I love the conversation between the to kids here. So true to life. I love how that came about, that you might take a trip to Barcelona (I have always wanted to go) and that your son trawled through to find 99publishers! So sweet. x

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  4. Barcelona is absolutely my favourite European city. I love the Gaudi everywhere, and do go and have a look at the Olympic sites – stadium and the marina and beach where they did the sailing. Fantastic! Tourist Bus is a must – helps with the hills. Hope you go soon x.

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  5. Thanks, Aly! It is sweet, isn’t it?! I just had to write about it – it’s funny how these random things happen with kids.
    All 99 of those publishers are written down on paper – although he hasn’t worked on his book since compiling the list!
    Thanks very much for commenting, I really appreciate it x

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  6. Thanks very much, Lesley! I would say it’s my favourite too, although I’m not very well-travelled. Good tip about the Olympic sites – very topical, my kids would love that! They also want to go to the Nou Camp too because they’re a bunch of little football fans.
    Thanks very much for commenting, much appreciated. x

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  7. You can fly to Barcelona from Bristol. JB xxx

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  8. Sounds exciting.

    If you need an overnight stay for an early flight you can stay at ours (25 mins form heathrow). I could give you a lift to the airport if timings work as well x

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  9. Glenn, you are an absolute star! Thanks very much, we may take you up on that.
    I’ll keep you posted as plans develop.
    Do you have room for all five of us in your car?! x

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