More on bodies and bodily functions

Our bodies do some interesting things, particularly farting, weeing and pooing. Here are some mysteries about the human body from my eternally inquisitive kids…

B2 age 7 1/2: How may out of 10 people are double-jointed?

B2 age 7 1/2: If I could lose one thing my brain does, it would be pain.

LG age 5 (in a toilet cubicle): It says no smoking in here, but what if you were smoking and you need the toilet?

B1 age 9 3/4: Why do humans need pants? We’ve got trousers. It’s pointless.

B2 age 7 1/2: What are toes for?

LG age 5 1/4: What if you were doing a poo and some of your good food came out?

LG age 5 1/4: Where do beards come from?

LG age 5 1/4: Why do you fart when you’ve eaten pigeon?

LG age 5 1/4: Mummy, at Weston-super-Mare I saw a lady and a man sucking each other.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Thanks very much – there’s always much hilarity and nonsense coming from my kids’ mouths! I will certainly add it to the link – I think that will make three for me and I STILL haven’t worked out how to use your link thing! Technophobe 🙁

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    • Try this: select the code in the drop down box on my blog. copy it to clipboard. go into your blog post and ensure you are in the html tab. paste code where you want it. Switch back to compose tab to check.

      If problem, check the quotation marks in the code are still all the same straight ones. Sometimes they paste strangely in blogger. Manually type them in if so.

      Let me know if that works!

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  2. I’m sure it SHOULD work, I’m just such a technophobe I can’t do it! Sorry! I really tried 🙁

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  3. Tell B1 if he got his thing caught in his zip then he’d soon discover why we need pants!

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