The early-ization of Christmas

I am resisting the early-ization of Christmas. (Yes, I did make that word up. I couldn’t think of the proper one and I didn’t even know if there was one, so I made one up.)

There was a time, only a few short years ago, when to have your tree up on 1st December was chav in the extreme. Now it is not only not-chav, it is positively normal. Any true self-respecting chav worth their chav salt has to aim much higher these days. 19th November or you are NO-ONE. Ostracised from the chav community.

The town Christmas lights used to be switched on in the last week of November. Now that has moved to the weekend before that. Which is basically the MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER. Six whole weeks before Christmas. By the time we actually get to Christmas, the lights are boring. Old hat. They have quite literally lost their sparkle.

Growing up, our tree went up the weekend before Christmas. Unless the weekend before Christmas fell on the 22nd or 23rd, in which case we could stretch to the weekend before that. I had a friend whose tree went up on 6th December to coincide with her birthday and that was WEIRD. When he had his own house, my brother started putting his tree up on 9th December. Too early. I thought we were being daring because we put our tree up two weeks before Christmas. So this year it will be 11th/ 12th. Some years it has been as late as 16th or 17th. I thought it was normal, but it isn’t.

In households across Britain, Christmas now starts on 1st December. I can’t believe people aren’t fed up of the sight of their Christmas tree by the big day. And desperate to have that little bit of their lounge back which has been taken over by a massive piece of greenery adorned with sparkly bits. And if it’s real, surely there must be more needles on the carpet than the tree by the time all the doors on the Advent calendar have been opened?!

Enjoy your trees, people. Old Scrooge here will be waiting a few more days.

Merry early December.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. yes we always put up around 15/16th as I recall and I’ve kept to this until the last two years when my husband has struggled to contain his excitement. I find it hard to prevent him putting ours up in november – i managed to make him wait til the 1st Dec. just bizarre. I wasn’t aware of the chav link though? I just thought my parents were miserable!

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  2. Always done it in 2nd week of Dec but I regretted it last year as tree didn’t seem to be up for long and I take it down quite quickly after Christmas. I’m afraid it’s going up this afternoon because we are busy next weekend. Arghhh. Breaking my own rules

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  3. Oh well, it seems you are in the majority though, 40 year old! I usually leave mine up until 5th Jan and then panic about getting it down in time!

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