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My husband spent last weekend cleaning the carpets. Clearly this is A Good Thing. For a number of reasons a) the carpets were filthy and desperately needed cleaning b) I didn’t want to do it myself and c) it’s a lot cheaper than paying someone else to do it.

The downside is that it’s not really easy to clean the carpets in a small-ish house whilst living in it. But as my husband says, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. In future, I would be inclined to make the omelette in the summer. Perhaps when the little chickens are at school.

He hired a Rug Doctor from Tesco, as he has done a number of times before. It is very good at cleaning carpets and settees. It is also VERY NOISY.

Apparently, the carpets ‘weren’t all that wet’. I’m not so sure because they were wet enough to soak through my slippers and my socks to leave me with very damp, very cold feet. My husband was wearing his trainers. Ironic really because the wearing of shoes in the house by the adult male inhabitant was one of the reasons why the carpets needed the Rug Doctor treatment in the first place. The others being eating and drinking, with the odd sick stain which didn’t clean quite as well as it might have done at the time of the incident. But if you can’t beat them, join them. I changed out of my socks and slippers and put my flip flops on. My feet were still cold, but at least they weren’t damp.

A November weekend isn’t the best time to clean a carpet. Because all that damp off the carpet has to GO somewhere. So we had all the windows open. While the sun was still out it felt OK, almost pleasant, to have a breeze blowing through the house. Our house is cold anyway, so it didn’t feel much different. But when it went dark, the house was FREEZING. I wasn’t going to do that very environmentally unfriendly heating on, windows open thing, so we just froze until we could take it no more and had to cave in and shut the windows, and all the damp, inside.

When the carpets are damp, you realise how much you use them. In our house we have a tradition of laying out the kids’ clothes for the next day on the floor. Suddenly, we had to rethink everything.

In the end, the kids and I gave up and went upstairs to escape the damp and the noise. Well, we didn’t escape the noise. There was no escaping it. There is only one room upstairs – our bedroom. It’s tidier than the rest of the house (although not immaculate by any stretch of the imagination), it’s a little haven of kid-free calm. But to the kids it’s a playground – the computer is up there and there’s loads of paper. What more could you want?! So the computer is on, there are paper and pens strewn across the floor, the chess set is out and my daughter is watching videos on the iPad. The sound of the iPad, the sound of the computer and the sound of the Rug Doctor is almost too much to bear.

The next morning, I’m still in my flip flops but it’s slightly drier. Just time to clean the carpet in our bedroom, scrub down the settees and clean the rug in the lounge (which covers the entire lounge floor), thus creating the biggest disaster of all.

Where do we sit to watch XFactor?!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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