Christmas day part 1

So we are doing Christmas day at our house this year. I use the term ‘we’ fairly loosely because it’s actually my husband. I am very much the sous chef, commis chef (whatever they are) or the kitchen porter. I lay the table and drain the vegetables. I don’t do the actual cooking. If it was left to me, Christmas dinner would be fish fingers and jacket potatoes all round – with a quorn cottage pie for me.

Since we have lived in our current house and been proper grown ups, we have alternated Christmas day with my Mum and Dad. The guest list is short – the five of us, plus Mum and Dad and my brother. We also do a meals on wheels for my 92 year old next door neighbour. She came to our house last time it was our turn, but is more housebound now, so is happy with a delivery.

On the years when we go to my Mum and Dad’s, my sister is there too. She goes to her in-laws’ on the year it’s at our house. It makes sense. My Mum and Dad’s house, and indeed my Mum and Dad, are better at doing Christmas than us. Our humble kitchen probably wouldn’t cope with an extra two guests.

There are pros and cons of Christmas at our house. The pros:

Not having to drag the kids out in the morning and away from their presents
Not having to drag the kids out in the evening and away from the telly
Not spending much of the day walking backwards and forwards to our house for things we have forgotten

The cons:

Doing the cooking
Doing the clearing up

On balance, I prefer Christmas at my Mum’s house (and I bet my Mum and Dad do too!). But as a proper grown up, I feel it is my duty to contribute to the family, particularly as our particular branch of the family tree is so much bigger than everyone else’s.

Christmas at my Mum’s house is so relaxing. Their house is clean and tidy and that bit more spacious than ours. They have lots of really nice, subtle decorations around the place.

Our house has a dirty carpet, despite the Rug Doctor and our decorations aren’t as classy or subtle. Oh, and our oven isn’t big enough. So when we do Christmas at our house, guess who cooks the turkey?

My Mum. In her oven. At her house. Did I mention that I am a proper grown up?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Classic ! We have a three year rotation, my family, wifes family and then free choice. Oh how I can’t wait for that third year !

    It is the third year this year and, as we (i.e. me) are cooking a christmas dinner on the 26th, then it is also free choice on the food (wife’s idea). My daughter originally chose dominos pizza (closed) so she has now selected ‘sweets’ as her christmas meal. My wife has also chosen sweets ! My son wants a McDonalds (closed) so is currently investigating alternatives. I will probably do a roast for me, turkey with all of the trimmings because I bloody love a roast !

    Oh and a little trick I learnt from having a small single oven to cook christmas dinner for 10. Cook the ‘bird’ the night before. once cooked, let it settle then carve it. Place it in a deep baking tray and cover it with best gravy you can buy / make. Chuck it in the fridge. Then just chuck it in the oven (covered) on xmas day and no 50lb turkey filling the over and lots of space for pigs in blankets and 28kgs of roasties (and your linda mccartney sausages).

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  2. Some good ideas there, thanks! My mum might as well get on with the turkey this year as it’s already been planned, but maybe we will try that in future. I’ve heard rumours that McDonalds is open round our way on Christmas day!

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