Random mysteries

A few questions are so random that I don’t know the answers and have never needed to know the answers. Although my kids clearly do need to know the answers.

LG age 4 1/2: Why are people having it now? (Pizza Express at 3.30pm)

B1 age 9 1/4: Why hadn’t they invented plastic in Victorian times?

B1 age 9 1/4: If you were on a bridge above the clouds and it collapsed, would you die?

B1 age 9 1/4: Could you boil milk in a kettle?

B1 age 9 1/4: How deep are the pebbles on the beach?

B1 age 9 1/4: If all the family was the same age, who would be the second biggest?

LG age 4 1/2: Do some people in real life have no Mummy and Daddy? Who will look after them if they’ve got no Mummy and Daddy and no Grandma and Grandpa and no auntie and uncle?

LG age 4 1/2: Why are leaves brown when paper is different colours?

B1 age 9 1/4: Are we cleverer than Stone Age people?
Me: Yes.
B1: Could you cook without a pan?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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