On a roll

My girl is on a roll today. With a load of questions and comments that almost make sense. Almost.

All from my girl, all aged 5 1/2…

Why do birds poo on people?

Why is bird poo white?

I’ve never seen fish in real-life water, not swimming pools, but water like where whales go.

I know how fast I go. More than extremely.

Autumn should never be sunny.

I know when my eyes are right up. Because I can’t see.

Mummy, I think women actually can have a bellybutton like Daddy.

Who invented smoking? King Henry VIII? No, actually, I think he did more chopping than inventing.

I just made up a word and B2 said it is actually a word. It’s actually French for snail. ESCARGOT!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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