Dead and buried

Death is scary, isn’t it? And a little bit hard to get your head round. Particularly if you are under 6. These are all from LG.

Age 5 1/4: What will happen when all the people are dead?

Age 5 1/4: Will the rat feel the bird pecking its bones?
Me: No, because it’s dead.

Age 5 1/4: What do you do when you die? Do you just stay there for a very long time and do your bones collapse?

Age 5 1/4: When you’re 100 and you die, I will have to go and live with someone else.

Me: This is an underground train. You’re actually under the ground, do you like it?
Age 4 3/4: But we’re not going here when we’re dead, are we?

Age 4 3/4: Is anyone alive that was here when King Henry VIII was here?

Age 4 3/4: Wasn’t I born then? So was I dead?

Age 4 3/4: If I actually was dead, I’d walk downstairs and say ‘I’m dead’.

(In a basement cafe) B2 age 7 1/4: We’re underground, did you know we were under the ground, LG?
Age 4 3/4: Is this where you go when you die? Underground?

Age 4 3/4: When you go to heaven, where in the sky is it?
Me: I don’t know.
You’ll find out when you’re dead.

Age 4 3/4: When you’re dead, can you still talk and open your eyes?

Age 4 3/4: When will I die?
Me: Hopefully when you’re a very old lady.
I think it’ll be in the afternoon.

Age 4 3/4: When birds die, do they go under the ground?

Me: It’s not the end of the world, is it?
Age 4 1/2: No, because if it was the end of the world everyone would be dead.

Age 4 1/2: If you and Daddy were dead, who would take the boys to Cubs and Beavers? I know, it would be me.

Age 4 1/2: If you were dead, who would make the tea? I know, it would be me.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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