What would the Queen do?

My eldest son is fascinated by the Queen and how different her life must be from ours. Possibly in his head it is even more different than it really is. So here’s a few of his thoughts on the Queen and her life.

Age 10: Do you think if you killed the Queen you would go to prison for the rest of your life?

Age 10: Do you think the Queen uses new plates every day?

Age 9 3/4: Do you think the Queen has ever broken a bone?

Age 9 1/2: How many corgis does the Queen have?

And some from his little sister…

LG age 5: Will I ever be Queen?

LG age 4 3/4: How do you get to be Queen?

LG age 4 1/2: If a Queen or a princess sees another Queen or princess, does it still have to curtsey to it?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Thanks 🙂 When you’ve heard as many as I have, they don’t seem good, they just seem annoying! But also very funny!

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  2. Love it! Perhaps you can add my 6 year old’s comment about Madness being on the roof too; “Do you think the Queen helped them carry their stuff up there?”

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  3. That’s delightful! You can just imagine her lugging the drums up there, can’t you?! Thanks very much for sharing that with me and for commenting 🙂

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  4. I can see what she means, it’s hard to imagine, really, isn’t it?!

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