Run Well by Dr Juliet McGrattan #ad

I was sent a copy of Run Well for the purposes of this review, but it’s definitely a book I would have bought anyway! #ad

Run Well is the latest brilliant book by doctor, runner (and blogging friend), Dr Juliet McGrattan.

Whether you are an experienced runner or just starting out, there can’t be a single runner out there who hasn’t thought at some point ‘Can I run with… symptom/ illness/ injury?’. Whatever your symptom, illness or injury, Run Well has the answer to that question.

Dr Juliet has thought about every possible scenario and has answered the question in a way which is clear, concise and easy to understand, using everyday language rather than medical jargon. Often there isn’t a clear-cut answer, but a balance to be had – this is why you feel like this, in that situation you may choose to… Run Well is a helping hand, guiding you in the right direction to make sensible decisions.

The book works its way through the body, with an introduction to each area, followed by lots of questions!

The areas covered are:

  • The head (including mental health, headaches and ears)
  • The cardiovascular system (including heart rate, iron and family history of heart problems)
  • The respiratory system (including asthma, hay fever and running with a cold)
  • The gastrointestinal system (including IBS, runners’ diarrhoea and how soon to get back to running after food poisoning)
  • The urinary system (including hydration, blood in the urine and leaking urine during running)
  • The reproductive system (including periods, fertility, pregnancy and menopause)
  • The musculoskeletal system (including aches, stretching and bad knees)
  • The skin (including infections, acne and toe nails)
  • Self-care (including injuries, diet and running in heat)

Can you sit down and read the book all the way through from cover to cover? Absolutely, yes! The style is lively and interesting and the content is most definitely informative. But do you need to read the book from cover to cover? No. Run Well is one of those books you should keep on your shelf and dip into as and when you need it. Circumstances change and we all develop new issues as we go through life, so it is something you can always refer back to.

Whatever stage you are at on your running journey, you will definitely find Run Well to be a very useful read.

(If you look through the book really carefully, you might even find a quote from me!)

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Run Well Sarah and thank you for reviewing it and sharing it on your blog. I hope it’s helpful to lots of runners. Thanks also for your quote in it – people are telling me that the words from runners themselves make it very relatable – so I’m grateful for your input. Keep running!

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    • Thank you for giving me the chance to read it and to feature in it!
      It is just so easy to read and it feels like you’ve covered every possible question anyone could ever have. I really would recommend it to all runners.

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  2. Oh brilliant – I’m very interested in the periods and menopause section. Definitely add it to my list.

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    • It really is an essential read for runners. I’m sure you would find it really useful.

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  3. Oh, I definitely need to get this. Something to dip into when I need some sensible advise about whether my run streak needs to come to a natural end. I’m hoping I’m a long way off that for now though!

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    • I’m sure you are a really long way from that at the moment, but it really does have all the sensible running health advice you could ever need. It doesn’t preach and it’s so easy to read and understand.

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