Project 365 2018 Week 9

My son is home from his travels and the Beast from the East arrived, bringing some extremely cold weather.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 56 – Sunday 25th February – I ran six miles for the first time since I got injured nearly four months ago, which I was very pleased about. With my son still on his German exchange until the very end of the day and my husband out all day, I thought I’d have an easy day, but it was a relentless and exhausting round of chores, not made easier by my daughter’s huge quantity of homework. My son got home with the neatest suitcase I’d ever seen – it was full of dirty clothes, but they were packed immaculately. It was lovely to see him again and to hear his many tales about his trip.

Suitcase, German exchange, Son, 365

Day 57 – Monday 26th February – try as I might, I couldn’t get my younger son out of bed for school. After half an hour and with a lot of tears shed (his), I realised I was on to a losing battle and left him to sleep. It turns out nearly all of the kids on the German exchange went into school late and some didn’t go in at all. I went to watch him play football after school and they won for only the second time, although he didn’t score. It was snowing as they played and I got so cold. One of the reasons I hate the cold is it does this to my hands – I have about 30 cuts on each.

Hand, Eczema, Cold, Winter, 365

Day 58 – Tuesday 27th February – we woke to a light dusting of snow and it snowed on and off all day. It didn’t settle apart from this one very brief, but very heavy snowfall at around 5pm.

Snow, Garden, Weather, 365

Day 59 – Wednesday 28th February – goodbye pink bathroom! This is a last glimpse of my horrible old 1980s ensuite, as work started on replacing it today. As you can see, my husband couldn’t leave it all to the professionals and had made a start on pulling it apart. In other news, I got a puncture on the way to school, which wasn’t a lot of fun.

Bathroom, Ensuite, 365

Day 60 – Thursday 1st March – it was forecast to snow non-stop from 10am, but it actually started at 7am. It was non-stop, but it settled very gradually. The wind was bitterly cold and the temperature didn’t get above about minus 4 all day. My younger son was late for school for the first time in 10 years as my car wouldn’t start. The bathroom man didn’t come for fear of being unable to make it home again and my daughter wasn’t happy because nearly everyone from her school went home early, but the buses weren’t running early, so she was stuck there. This is how my ensuite is looking now – a completely bare shell.

Bathroom, Ensuite, Building works, 365

Day 61 – Friday 2nd March – school was off for everyone and we finally woke to some properly thick snow. I got out early to walk in it and take photos. I might be 44 years old, but I have this compulsion to put my feet in snow before anyone else! Somehow I didn’t manage to make it out into the snow at the same time as my kids, as they went out when I was working and didn’t want to go out with me again later.

Snow, Beast from the East, Walking, 365

Day 62 – Saturday 3rd March – needless to say, Parkrun was cancelled as the snow was still very thick on the ground. That’s only the third time I’ve known it cancelled in the nearly three years I’ve been taking part. No doubt today we’ll be out in the snow, although unfortunately we don’t have a sledge. So I’ll just share a snowy picture from my garden in the meantime.

Hydrangea, Garden, Snow, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It’s been bitter hasn’t it. Goodbye pink bathroom, can’t wait to see the new one when it’s finished. I wonder if my son will ever fold his clothes up as neatly as that even if they are dirty!! #365

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    • I would never have expected my son to pack so neatly! The weather has been horrendous, I’m definitely looking forward to it getting back to normal.

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  2. Well done on the six mile run and wow that suitcase really is neatly packed!!

    Looking forward to seeing pics of the en suite when its done!

    Love that snow picture from your garden!

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    • Thanks very much, I was really pleased with my run. I couldn’t believe how neat my son’s case was! I’m sure I’ll be sharing lots of bathroom progress pictures over the next couple of weeks.

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  3. You hand looks so sore! I hope the weather seem a up for you so they can heal. #365

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    • Thanks very much! I’ve managed to ease them a bit this week by squirting a lot of prescription moisturiser into latex gloves and wearing them for an hour!

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  4. just as well you have 2 bathrooms, look forward to seeing the finished project.
    ouch, your hands look sore.
    I am with you, I have this childish urge to stomp through fresh snow, it is up there along with kicking through leaves.
    Letting him lie in was probably a good move.

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    • It was definitely the right thing to let him lie in, although it goes against all of my principles. Glad I’m not the only one who can’t resist fresh snow!

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  5. Poor you, your hand needs some extra care. My hands are also chafed, even if I put handcream on several times a day. Glad your son came back home safely before all the snowmageddon hit the country. So strange that they folded your son’s clothes without washing them. Bye to pink bathroom!

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    • Thanks very much! My son packed the case himself. I was surprised the family didn’t wash any clothes for him. Thank goodness I sent him with enough Tshirts, pants and socks for 10 days! I’ve just discovered that putting a lot of prescription moisturiser in latex gloves and wearing them for an hour is a big help for my hands!

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  6. Welcome back to your son…That suitcase really is well packed!
    Oh my goodness….Your hands look so sore. Ouch!
    We have had plenty of snow here since Tuesday night…
    I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom x

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    • Thanks, my hands really are very painful! I was amazed by my son’s tidy packing! I’m hoping the bathroom will make some good progress over the next few days. X

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  7. That is awful about your hands and I hope they repair soon. I’m excited to see what the new bathroom will look like #365

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    • Thanks very much! I’ve discovered that squeezing a lot of my prescription moisturiser into latex gloves and wearing them for an hour is a big help! I’ve been doing that for the last few days. I’m hoping that the bathroom will really start to take shape over the next few days.

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  8. It’s been so cold – I am glad to see some warmer weather now. The German Exchange seems to have really tired your son out, but great that he had a good time. Looking forward to seeing the new bathroom.

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    • He was exhausted from the German exchange – he had a lot of very early starts, then a very late night when he went to a football match, plus his long day of travelling home. Hopefully the bathroom will start to make some progress this week.

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  9. When my hands crack due to the cold I wear plastic gloves at night fill d with sudo cream and secure them with a hair scrunching at the wrist, I’ve loved the snow and took myself sledging with my friends kids

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    • I’ve been doing similar with my hands in the evenings this week and it’s really help. I’ve loved the snow too, but sadly no sledging as we broke ours last time!

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  10. Looks like the bathroom is all go and hard stripping has been done. Your poor hands. That looks so painful! I’m hoping for a much warmer week…it’s already feeling milder!

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    • It’s milder here too, thank goodness! I really hope we’ve seen the back of winter. It’s amaz how quick it is to strip a bathroom out. Now the slow bit starts!

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  11. Your son is obviously very well trained in packing luggage!

    My hands have just gone really red raw on the backs of them too. I’ve never had that, and I’ve a couple of cuts. It was painful taking my rings off over them last night, and I had to leave them off today – they were scraping over the red painful knuckles to put them on. Ouch. Hopefully they’ll improve now the weather’s better. I’m having to track down cream – I never have to use it usually!

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    • I hope your hands are recovered now. It’s strange that it’s never happened to you before. Sadly I’ve had it every winter since I was 8, although it’s been worse as an adult. I had no idea my son could pack as well as that! At home he does the least for himself.

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  12. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. It sounds fab. Poor you, your hands do look sore. I love fresh snow. xx

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    • But I bet you’re fed up of the not so fresh snow! Hopefully the bathroom will be finished in a couple of weeks, I can’t wait!

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  13. Oh your poor hands! It is so bitter out there. Good luck with the bathroom renovation.

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