My daughter and the slime

A few months ago, my daughter announced that she would like to make slime. I had no idea what slime was, but if you’re a parent of a tween or primary school aged child, you may be familiar with it.

What I do know, is that slime has given my daughter a lot of pleasure over the last few months. It has kept her busy and kept her away from screens (apart from looking at slime videos and photos on YouTube and Instagram!).

I wasn’t sure whether the point of the slime making it or possessing of it, but it turns out it’s possessing it. While they undoubtedly enjoy making it, they like having it even more and kids are happy to buy slime off others.

Making slime, Slime, How to make slime, My daughter and slime

I still don’t entirely understand it, but there is definitely something quite therapeutic about poking it and stretching slime, which is what kids do. (Then they film themselves doing it and post it all over the internet.)

Most people’s first attempt at slime doesn’t go that well. Nor does their second. My daughter was no exception. For some reason, she chose yellow food colouring for her slime. And we discovered that yellow food colouring isn’t all that yellow. It’s almost like a light brown. And the slime didn’t have the right consistency. It was a bit runny…

Can you imagine that sat on your kitchen surface? It had to be thrown away within a couple of hours because it looked like diarrhoea and was making us feel a bit queasy.

Her second attempt was blue, but the consistency was still a bit runny. It lasted a couple of days before being thrown away.

She kept her third attempt in a box in the fridge. You shouldn’t keep slime in the fridge.

But suddenly, she’d got it sussed. What was once a whole afternoon’s activity for one piece of slime was done in the space of minutes. She kept it in a sealed box and it lasted for weeks (with regular poking and stretching of course).

She pretty much spends all of her pocket money on slime ingredients or containers for slime these days (regular readers will know I’m very strict about not buying things for my kids) and it keeps her very happy. The main ingredients are PVA glue, bicarbonate of soda, contact lens solution and shaving form. My daughter’s tip for the top is to use supermarket basic shaving foam because branded stuff ‘smells of men’. And nobody wants that, do they?!

Slime ingredients, Slime, Making slime, My daughter and the slime

She’s made different colours and consistences, she’s made big pieces and small pieces. She’s used every shade of glitter under the sun and she’s tried tiny beads in her slime too.

Her slime is so good that a friend of hers offered £4 for one (apparently they sell for about £6 or £7 on the internet), but I said she could only accept £2. And she threw another one in for her at the same time. Other friends have asked about buying it too.

You can find her slime recipes here if you want to have a go yourself. Just steer clear of the yellow food colouring…

Slime, Making slime, How to make slime, My daughter and the slime



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Her slime looks fantastic. My youngest wants to make some but I have put her off so far. We will have to try it one day. x

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    • Thanks very much! You should give it a go! My daughter actually makes very little mess doing it. The first time, I worried the glue wouldn’t come off the cups and bowls she was using, but it was fine! x

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  2. We have a slime addict too, and when she’s not making it she’s watching videos about making it, or watching videos of people playing with it. We’ve tried all sorts of recipes with various degrees of success. Then she went on to different types of playdough, and today she has made kinetic sand, which was successful first attempt! I like to tell myself that she’s learning science and chemical reactions.
    I’m impressed that your girl has made slime good enough to sell though!

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    • Thanks very much! She’s only sold to friends (at very low prices!), but it’s nice that they want to buy it. It’s great that your daughter is trying other things too. I’m impressed that the kinetic sand worked straight away!

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  3. Ooh good for her, it’s great that she has got so good at making it that people want to buy it from her, sounds like she can turn her hand to anything. I hope school is going well.

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    • Thanks very much! School is going really well. It’s only friends who are buying it, at very low prices, but it’s nice that she has some money to help with the cost of ingredients. x

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  4. I’m really impressed her slime lasts for weeks. My nieces attempts get thrown away with a few hours as they go all bad. The first “yellow” attempt made me chuckle a bit 🙂

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    • I wasn’t sure I would ever let her make it again after the yellow attempt! I wonder where your niece’s are going wrong?

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  5. These are brilliant. I love her obsession with slime. We make it a lot with little boy. Oldest doesn’t like it, but he loves it x

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    • Thanks very much! Nice to know someone else makes it too! My daughter’s friends like it, but they usually give up after a couple of attempts because they can’t get it right. x

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