A flying visit to London

At the end of July, my husband took part in the Ride London 100 mile bike ride for the second time. As he was taking part with friends, the plan wasn’t for us to go along. But then he had to work in London on the Monday morning, which would have meant two consecutive nights away from home. With the younger two kids away on Scout camp, it was going to be a lonely weekend for my eldest and I. But it would also be a lot cheaper for two extras to go to London rather than four extras (even though we do now have to pay adult fares for my son!).

My husband has recently discovered an amazing, quirky hotel in East London, right opposite the O2 – the Good Hotel. It’s a former floating prison and is actually on the Thames. It was floated to London all the way from Amsterdam. It’s pretty basic, but the views are incredible.

So my son and I watched my husband finish his ride, then we all stayed at the Good Hotel. My husband wasn’t the only one working the next morning. I’d committed to work too. So my son got the Emirates Airline cable cars, which are right next to the hotel, across the Thames and headed for the Greenwich Observatory. By the time he got back and I’d finished my work, we did little more than head into central London for lunch and to get our train home.

Yet it still felt like we’d had a really break. Even though we’d literally just ridden on the DLR and looked at the views, the change had done us good. And it had helped me to think a bit less about how much I was missing the other two kids.

If you enjoy looking at views, you can see why I loved it so much…

Good Hotel, A flying visit to London, London, Docklands, East London, Thames

Good Hotel, Window, Son, A flying visit to London, Thames, London

London, East London, Docklands, East London, A flying visit to London

Emirates Airline, Cable car, London, The Good Hotel, East London, Docklands

River Thames, London, East London, Docklands, Silent Sunday, My Sunday Photo

London, River Thames, Emirates Airline, 365

Docklands, London, East London, A flying visit to London, Cranes

Cranes, Docklands, River Thames, London, A flying visit to London


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love the idea of the hotel Sarah, and looks a great location. Even 24 hours away can recharge the batteries can’t it, and as you said it took your mind of the younger 2 being away at Scout camp x

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    • It’s an amazing hotel! The location is a bit different. It’s a little ride into central London, but I really like the Docklands Light Railway! x

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  2. I saw the photos of the hotel on Instagram and it looks amazing and a great location. Gorgeous photos Sarah, I love London and was hoping to get down there this holiday but each week seems crammed with stuff so maybe we will get there at half term.

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    • Thanks very much! It was nice to visit a different part of London and great to just nip down there for the night.

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  3. I love seeing the photos of the places your captures. You get in so many interesting shots. Looks like you had a great time x

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    • It was a lovely little trip and such a photogenic area! x

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  4. Oh wow, stunning photos! I love the look of this hotel, thanks for the recommendation! I will probably pester you for the name of it next time I go to London, looks perfect to me!

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    • Definitely do that! The hotel is pretty good value and I love it for those views alone! All of my photos were just taken on my iPhone, so I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. x

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  5. The hotel sounds great & short trips like this are perfect to get back a balance when it’s been hectic. We’ve done the Emirates ride and loved it, just get over so soon though!

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    • Thanks very much. It surprised me that such a short trip could feel like such a good break.

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