Project 365 2017 Week 19

It’s been a funny week, with my daughter going into school early with her friend for SATs every day and both the younger kids finishing school at different times for various reasons.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 127 – Sunday 7th May – my daughter has been asking to go swimming for ages. I finally offered to take her today, but she decided she’d rather go to a trampoline centre instead. Unfortunately, once her brothers had joined us it became rather an expensive trip. But at least my younger son enjoyed himself!

Somersault, Front flip, Son, Trampoline, Trampolining, 365

Day 128 – Monday 8th May – the start of the SATs. I’m pleased to say my daughter wasn’t stressed in any way and even slept better than usual last night. The teachers gave them all a ‘SATs survival kit’ for luck. My son had an athletics tournament after school. He didn’t do as well in the long jump as usual, but his relay team won by a long way. His school won the tournament overall and will be going through to the next round.

SATs, Year 6, School, Daughter, 365

Day 129 – Tuesday 9th May – I did some work at home, my son finished school early and my daughter finished late. I had a meeting at my son’s school in the evening for his residential in a couple of weeks, which meant my husband had to deal with the ballet and Explorers logistics. And I ordered a new phone! An iPhone 6S, I’m always a couple of years behind. Welcome to 2015.

Phone, Upgrade, iPhone, 365

Day 130 – Wednesday 10th May – this thing of great beauty arrived within 24 hours of me ordering it! Remarkably, I managed to set it up myself without getting cross or stressed, which is a first. My son had the regional finals of his handball tournament. They’d previously won the district and county finals, but they didn’t get through to the national finals. He had a good day and was pleased to have scored a goal.

iPhone 6s, New phone, 365

Day 131 – Thursday 11th May – the last day of SATs for my daughter. It has been a good week for her. She’s walked to school with her best friend and had breakfast at school. The tests haven’t been too hard and the teachers have gone out of their way to help the kids feel as relaxed as possible. After the last test, they had two hours just playing outside. This was the very first picture I took on my new phone – nothing too exciting, just my garden.

Garden, Flowers, 365

Day 132 – Friday 12th May  – we had our first rain in ages. My daughter went straight to her best friend’s house after school, then my husband and eldest went round there later as they’re doing the Three Peaks with her dad and uncle in a couple of months. I’ve been reading more than usual – it took me just 15 days to get through these three brilliant thrillers. It normally takes me that long to read one. Book reviews coming up on the blog soon!

Books, Thrillers, Reading, 365

Day 133 – Saturday 13th May – My husband, daughter and younger son travelled to Cheshire to see our brand new nephew. I stayed at home with my eldest, as GCSEs start in three days! I was pleased with my position at Parkrun today, I finished in 22:35, just four seconds outside my PB.

Parkrun, Running, 365

Project 365 is a bloghop. Hop over to see what others have been up to this week.

If you enjoy reading my blog, I would be very grateful for a nomination for the BiBs blogging awards in either the Family Lifestyle or Reader’s Choice categories, because sadly there isn’t a category for ‘Mums who Write about their Teenagers Doing Sport’. If there was, I’d like to think I’d totally have that one in the bag. Nominations are open now right here and close on 7th June. Thank you!

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  1. The trampoline centre looks like so much fun. My girls have been asking to go. I think it will be a birthday treat for one of them. Aww! The SATs survival kit is a lovely idea. It sounds like a really stress free week. Exactly how the SATs should be.
    Enjoy your new phone x

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    • Thanks very much. Trampoline centres are way too expensive in my opinion! I’m mean because all the kids’ friends have been to them lots of times before!
      I think my daughter will quite miss SATs week! x

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  2. Swimming is not cheap either these days. and family days out cost a fortune.
    Glad the schools are teaching them that exams are not to be stressed at and helping them relax about it all.
    My technology is older than yours, phones need to make phone calls an send text messages anything else is a bonus.
    Hope the GCSE’s go smoothly as well.

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    • Swimming here is only about £4 for an adult and you can take kids in free.
      The school was brilliant with SATs week.
      Thanks, I think he’s ready for his GCSEs, but I’m sure we’ll all be nervous next week when they start!

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  3. I think that is a lovely idea to give all the children a SATS survival kit, and your school sounds similar to ours in keeping them all nice and chilled out about them. Katie also seemed to sleep better on the Sunday night, which is totally the opposite to her brother as he was still awake at midnight when he did them. Eek I hate change too when it comes to phones, and I only get a new phone when I absolutely have to x

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    • It’s great that Katie’s school were so lovely about the SATs too. It makes such a difference to the kids. I think my daughter will miss them!
      My phone was due an upgrade, which was perfect timing as the screen was smashed to smithereens! I’ve never known one so easy to sort out, thank goodness. x

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  4. That looks like a good phone deal or maybe I’m out of touch with it all! I remember taking my two to a trampoline place – I couldn’t bounce for long 😉

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    • I couldn’t bounce for long when I tried one last summer either! They’re definitely not designed for mums! Tesco Mobile do some very good phone deals, especially if you don’t want the very latest model.

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  5. WEll done on the run, sounds like you’ve a sporty family. Glad the SATs weren’t too painful.

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    • Thanks very much, the SATs were remarkably stress free! I’m impressed by how sporty my family are at the moment. Long may it continue!

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  6. So great to hear your daughter is getting ion well with the tests as I gave been hearing some awful things. The survival kits was a sweet idea from the school! #365

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    • Thanks very much! There are a lot of scare stories around the SATs, but our school seems to have it right. They work hard towards them, but without putting pressure on the kids.

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  7. Sarah, what is happening? no PB this week lol. Glad R wasn’t stressed re her sats and good luck for next few weeks of GCSE’s. Peter is trying to persuade me to upgrade to iPhone 7+ like his, i’m tempted only with it having a better camera than the 7 and 6 etc, but the + is just too big for me to use with one hand, and too big for my pocket

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    • I know, a rare week without a PB for any of us! The SATs went remarkably well, thanks. The 6S is plenty big enough for me. Even that sticks out of my pocket, I wouldn’t want anything bigger than that.

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  8. We’ve just finished SATS here and Daughter3 starts her GCSEs this week too, I’ve had enough of schools and exams altogether at the moment. I do like the survival pack though 🙂 The trampoline centre looks like a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy your new phone 🙂

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    • It’s good to know that someone else has the SATs and GCSEs double whammy. It’s not a lot of fun! The phone is lovely, although not so good at giving me my notifications. I probably need to switch something on!

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  9. Hope you’re loving your new iPhone. My iPhone 7 arrived and I still need to set it up. I love that little SATs care package. Such a lovely touch!

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    • It was a really sweet thing for the school to do for them. The new phone is ace, but I was rather daunted by setting it up. I was looking forward to getting it, then half of me just thought I would leave it and not bother to set it up! Good luck with doing yours.

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  10. I do think that is a lovely idea to give all the children a SATS survival kit. I’ve never experienced them, but they don’t sound great. Changing phones can be a bit of a nightmare, but exciting too xx

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    • Some people hate SATs, but our school makes them a positive experience, which I’m very grateful for. I’m very pleased with my new phone and amazed I managed to set it up without stress. x

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  11. Wow, your’e on fire with your running, well done! I love the SATs survival kit for your daughter, what a thoughtful thing for the school to do. I’m glad they went well for her.

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  12. You do have a lovely wall in your garden. Bet you are glad the SATs are out of the way now. Like you I am always behind with phones. I have a 5s, but I am starting to think it won’t be that long before I need to update.

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  13. Glad the SATs went well, love the survival kit 🙂 My eldest is sitting exams this week and next! I’ve just upgraded my phone too … I was able to get the 7plus and I love it, although it’s massive (and now in an Otterbox so that I don’t smash it!) 🙂

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  14. Trampoline centres can be so expensive can’t they?

    My eldest had her SAT’s too and thankfully she wasn’t stressed at all and took it in her stride.

    Well done on your park run time.

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  15. great shot in the trampoline centre – we have both featured a photo from one this week.
    that is lovely of your daughter’s school to give them a SATs survival pack – glad to hear that she was not too stressed by them.
    excellent work with your PB – I am still to do my first ! I did sign up but have yet to go!
    love your new phone x

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