Project 365 2017 Week 15

The Easter holidays are finally here and we’ve actually done a lot more than we usually do in the holidays.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 99 – Sunday 9th April – a beautiful hot, sunny day, perfect for the guinea pig’s first bath of the year – and Wilfred’s first ever bath. He didn’t exactly enjoy it, but at least it was quick with his short hair.

365, Wilfred, Guinea pig, Pet, Bath

Day 100 – Monday 10th April – the first day of the Easter holidays. Both boys went out with their friends and my daughter and I pottered around, as well as opening her bank account. We went for a bike ride in the evening.

Bike ride, Cycling, Daughter, Railway, Level crossing, 365

Day 101 – Tuesday 11th April – I finally bit the bullet and had the puberty talk with my daughter. I was also pleased to get my first bit of work in for over a week.

Book, Puberty, Daughter, 365

Day 102 – Wednesday 12th April – my husband had a job to do in London, so we all went along for a day out. We introduced the kids to Camden, which is an area I loved when I lived in London. We also finally managed to get inside the Lego Shop, which was stunning, but actually smaller than I’d imagined! It was hard to decide what photo to use for today, but I’ve shared more over on my Instagram.

London, Camden, 365

Day 103 – Thursday 13th April – we took the kids to Alton Towers. I’ll be honest, going to Alton Towers is not my favourite thing to do, but the kids all love it and so does my husband. We had a good day and they went on all of the rides they wanted to go on, including The Smiler.

Alton Towers, Days Out, The Smiler, 365

Day 104 – Friday 14th April – our local outdoor pool opened for the season today and guess who went there twice and went in the water despite it being only 14 degrees? My daughter! Apart from going to the swimming pool once (and most definitely not going in the water), I had work and housework to do. I’m cheating a bit with my photo as it was taken at Alton Towers, but I only posted it on Instagram today. Yes, I read my book at a theme park.

Alton Towers, Reading, 365

Day 105 – Saturday 15th April – I was pleased to get the entire family out running at Parkrun today, for the first time in about six months. Not only that, but I got my fifth consecutive PB! My time is now 22:31 and I finished 95th out of a massive 521 runners. I was 10th female and first in my age category. I was very proud of my younger son for getting a PB too.

Parkrun, PB, Runner, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I go to a theme park to hold the jackets or watch the younger ones, I dont go on things that move.

    Glad you managed to show them a place you grew up and loved, I would have to be far travelled to do that, and places change so I doubt any of them are what I remember .

    Another PB sounds great for both of you, well done

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    • Glad it’s not just me that avoids the rides at theme parks! I did go on a couple of rides, but I wasn’t up for the really scary ones! I lived in London in my mid-20s, but even that is a long time ago now!
      Thanks very much! I don’t know how I keep getting the PBs. I was so proud of my son as he hasn’t even run for six months!

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  2. Way to go on yet another PB, you are rocking it this year. I am so proud of you. I bought my oldest a similar book. He’s not ventured to read it yet, but I think we will especially towards the summer. That’s lovely you showed them where you grew up. It looks like a wonderful place and many memories you have there. Have a lovely Easter xx

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    • Thanks very much! I don’t know how I keep getting the PBs. I think I possibly left it a bit late with the puberty book, but it was fine! I still haven’t given it to her, just used it as a prompt. I will give it to her after they’ve had the talk at school in July. x

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  3. Well done on the running (again). Good going.

    I love theme parks, but I guess you end up being the pack horse and dumping ground for all their stuff.

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    • Thanks very much! I choose to be the dumping ground because I really don’t like theme parks! I went on a couple of rides, but I would happily not go at all!

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  4. Haha – another huge well done on the PB, you’ll wear the bell out soon! I want to get my boy out running , he’s 8 so might try the couch to 5k approach with him?! Shocking that my kids don’t run!! Love Camden and would love to go to Alton Towers again but not sure if my adult self would face the rides I went on as a uni student – which was how long ago it has been!

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    • Ha ha, my adult self doesn’t like the rides my student self loved! My kids and husband love it all though.
      Couch to 5k sounds a good idea for your boy. My kids all just threw themselves straight into 5k with varying degrees of success! My daughter was 9 when she did her first Parkrun.

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  5. These PBs just keep on coming Sarah. Well done to you and your son. Sounds as if you have had a busy first week, and I loved your Camden pictures on instagram. Ah Alton Towers, we haven’t been for a few years, but I would be quite happy to read my book whilst the kids and husband went off riding. Have a lovely second week x

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    • Thanks very much, it was a good week! I suspect the second week will be more boring, but that’s OK! I was shocked by my own PB and very proud of my son, who hasn’t run for six months. He is generally fit, but running 5k is a different kind of fitness to playing football and rugby.

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  6. awwww it never occurred to me that you could bath guinea pigs! cute
    Very well done on such good PB’s Sarah 🙂
    I dont envy you the puberty c hat but I know it has to be done. I remember my mum buying me a book in Boots when I was about 10 but I was so embarrassed! I have only visited Alton Towers once in my 20’s but I loved it x

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    • You’re supposed to bath guinea pigs a few times a year, but we only do them in the spring and summer as it’s hard to get them dry and they don’t like being cold!
      My mum never did the puberty chat with me, although we did ‘where babies come from’ at a very young age at school. I was in a mixed class of (what is now called) year 3 and 4, so I learned about it in year 3 at the age of 8!
      I went to Alton Towers quite a bit in my early 20s, but it’s not my cup of tea any more!

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  7. Great work with the running results. Oh my goodness who knew you needed to bath guinea pigs!! Cutest photo!! #365

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    • Guinea pigs should be bathed three or four times a year! It’s fun, but it can be hard work!

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  8. Go girl! Well done on another PB. I really must get round to exploring Camden, an area of London I’ve never visited. I had no idea that you needed to wash guinea pigs! #365

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