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When we first moved into our house, over two and a half years ago, we decorated it all incredibly quickly. We got the keys on a Tuesday and moved in on Saturday. In those few days, we completely decorated all of our bedrooms. And they needed some serious decorating! Every room in the house had dark brown wood skirting boards and most of them had floral wallpaper. Covering that up took some serious coats of paint!

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The following week, once we’d actually moved in, we decorated the lounge and the whole of the hall, stairs and landing. And our hall, stairs and landing are pretty big!

We were very pleased with our handiwork. When you move into a house that is firmly stuck in the 1980s, any change looks brilliant. But two years later, we looked at it and realised it wasn’t so great. Decorating quickly means you don’t necessarily do it well. We had some messy edges, some brown still showing through the door frames and skirting boards, some brush marks on the walls…

I hate to admit it, but we need to redecorate. And we need to do it well. My husband has already made a start on the lounge – tidying up the edges and repainting the ceiling where new lights have left holes.

So what have we learned?

  • Eggshell on the woodwork (halfway between matt and gloss) looks good, but it’s not right for a family as it marks easily. We’re now gradually covering it with gloss.
  • If you’re in a hurry, use a neutral colour to avoid mistakes. If you change your mind about the colour, update it when you’ve got more time to do a good job.
  • If you’re not dramatically changing the colour, you don’t always need to sand everything.
  • If you do need to sand, and you’ve got a large area to cover, get yourself a sander! They only cost about £30 and they’re worth their weight in gold as they’re so quick. (They’re very noisy though!)
  • If you’re using Polyfilla (or similar) to fill holes, you can dry it more quickly with a hairdryer.
  • If you’re buying or selling bulky items as part of your decorating project, get a quote from Shiply  for a cost-effective courier service.
  • An inexpensive bespoke mirror ordered online can make a room look much bigger and lighter.

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Over the winter, we hope to gradually transform our dodgy decorating and get everything looking a bit cleaner, tidier and more polished.

This post was written in partnership with Shiply.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I think all houses need a bit of TLC after a couple of years, I know ours certainly needs redecorating but it is such a big job, I can never quite find the time. Some great tips there

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    • Thanks! I never realised it would need redecorating quite so soon. We didn’t really decorate our old house at all and we lived there for nine years! I think it always felt a bit temporary, so we weren’t willing to put the time and effort in.

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  2. Loving the look of your downstairs loo and that mirror looks really stylish! We desperately need to decorate here too 🙁 With a growing family there’s always something that needs doing isn’t there?

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    • There really is! They just keep messing stuff up, grrr! I’m so pleased with our downstairs toilet. Now if we could just get the ensuite done…

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