Loud ‘n’ Proud 23.6.16

It’s that time of the week again already. Yes, it’s Thursday and it’s time to stand up and say ‘I’m feeling Loud’n’Proud!’.

There’s plenty to feel proud of every day and sometimes it’s necessary to put them down onto metaphorical paper and remember it. So what are you feeling proud of this week?

Maybe your teenager has worked really hard towards their GCSEs or A Levels? Maybe your tween has done really well in their end of year exams? Has your child stolen the show in class assembly? Did they get a trophy in the end of season celebrations for their football team or rugby team? Has your toddler finally cracked the potty training or been brave and tried a new food without making a fuss.

And don’t forget yourself either! Have you finally painted the bathroom? Did you get that promotion at work? Or did you manage to get the entire family out of the house on time for the first time ever? Has your partner sorted out the garden or started a new exercise regime?

You get the picture – you can share pretty much anything! If you’re feeling proud of an achievement, no matter how big or small, we want to read about it!

This week, I’m feeling very proud of my younger son for his performance in a schools’ athletics tournament – and for all the work he put in to prepare.

So what are you waiting? Grab the badge if you would be so kind and add your post to the linky below. We look forward to reading! Don’t forget to share the love and comment on a couple of other posts.

Loud ‘n’ Proud is rotated between myself, 3 Children and It and Mama Owl. It will be back with 3 Children and It next week. Oh, and we really like comments too. Just saying!



Author: Sarah Mummy

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