Project 366 Week 21

There seems to be a bit of a theme to my photos this week. Yes, they’re mainly flowers. But it’s a lovely time of year and the garden looks so beautiful!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 143 – Sunday 22nd May – our long-running garden project is nearly complete. We bought a few extra plants this weekend, I just hope we can keep them alive!

Flower, Garden, 365, 366

Day 144 – Monday 23rd May – my younger son brought some amazing DT and artwork home from school today. This is his DT pencil box project, look out for his art on this week’s Silent Sunday post.

DT, Schoolwork, Son, 365, 366

Day 145 – Tuesday 24th May – a lot of people liked the dandelion picture I shared on Silent Sunday the other day, so I thought I’d try a different sort of dandelion picture. We’re desperately trying to get our garden under control, but the dandelions keep popping up.

Dandelion, 365, 366, Garden

Day 146 – Wednesday 25th May – another one of our new plants – a hydrangea. I love the colour of these and I really hope it grows nice and big and strong. I painted my final bit of fence today, so I’m feeling rather proud of myself!

Hydrangea, Garden, 365, 366

Day 147 – Thursday 26th May – ‘My hair looks amazing!’ my daughter announced when she walked downstairs. And she wasn’t exaggerating. This was all her own work. I have no idea how she does it.

Daughter, Hair, Hairstyle, 365, 366

Day 148 – Friday 27th May – finally, after three weeks with basically no work at all, some work has come in. Just in time for half-term. Such is life as a freelancer. In other news, I did a small favour for a new friend and she gave me this rose to thank me. There was really no need, but it is lovely.

Flowers, Gift, Friend, 365, 366

Day 149 – Saturday 28th May – it was just Mummy and Daddy for Parkrun today. My younger son is injured and the other two couldn’t be bothered. I didn’t take any photos, so here’s another picture from my garden. I think they’re carnations, but I’m not sure.

Garden, Flowers, 365, 366


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I need your daughter in my life! I try and plait my hair like that for running but can never get it quite right! It looks fantastic. Beautiful dandelion – we are overrun too but I do love to photograph them when they go to seed 🙂

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    • Thanks very much. I have no idea how my daughter manages to do her hair like that! I can barely do a basic plait.
      My husband practically digs the dandelions up the second I’ve taken a photo!

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  2. Gorgeous flowers! Love the dandelion. Your daughter did a great job. I wish I could plait my hair like this.

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    • Thanks very much. I have no idea how my daughter manages to do her hair, it doesn’t even take her very long!

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    • Thanks very much! I have no idea how my daughter does her hair. Yes, I’m just pleased to have the work – I’ll try to do a good portion of it before the kids get up in the morning! x

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  3. And such beautiful flowers they are….
    That pencil box is fantastic! Well done your boy!
    Can I borrow your daughter every morning to do my youngest girls hair? hehehe….She would love her hair done like this. I cannot do it…lol

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    • Thanks very much. I was very impressed with the pencil box! They taught them how to construct it, but the perspex lid was entirely his own design.
      There’s no way I could do hair like that either! Might be a bit of a long trek for her to get to you every day!

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  4. Loving all your flower pics. I may be the only person that gets happy to see lots of dandelions sprouting all over the place. Our garden is so rubbish compared to my neighbours. That hair is so amazing!! I wish I could do it.

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    • I wish I could do hair like that too! We’re trying very hard with our garden and it’s looking a lot better than it was. My husband pulls dandelions up the second he spots them, so I did well to sneak a photo before he did!

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  5. That plait is amazing. I have never been able to manage anything other than a simple plait. Will be interested to see the pics of the garden after all the work.

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    • Thanks very much! I’ve never been able to do anything more than a basic plait either – and a pretty bad one at that! Will hopefully be sharing some pics of the finished garden in a week or two 🙂

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  6. Never apologise for too many flower pics, I love them! Your daughter’s hair is truly amazing. My eldest can do that but she couldn’t when she was that age. Looks gorgeous!

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 I love flower pics too – which is probably why I take so many! I was very impressed with my daughter’s hair. A complete stranger shopping in Sainsburys even complimented her on it!

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  7. Thanks very much 🙂 I was very pleased with the dandelion photo. I have no idea how my daughter manages to do her hair!

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  8. I agree the flowers are all looking beautiful, such vibrant colours. Sadly that dandelion is the very reason you have so many….but impossible to get rid of.
    She HAS made a fab job of her hair, looks amazing, and nice to see a youngster that bothers with it, it is an argument to get Fifi to put a brush through hers, I was never any good with hair.

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  9. love the pink hydrangea, your daughters hair is amazing, i struggle to get mine in a ponytail without bits falling out

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  10. Your daughters hair is amazing!! I’m dreading my daughter asking me to do anything complicated with her hair 🙂 Absolutley LOVE the dandelion shot x

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  11. Love your daughters hair – wish I could do that to my own! Such amazing colours on the flowers – i do love seeing the colours that nature shows us. Your sons pencil case biz is really good isn’t it? How clever he is x

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  12. Love your daughters hair – wish I could do that to my own! Such amazing colours on the flowers – i do love seeing the colours that nature shows us. Your sons pencil case biz is really good isn’t it? How clever he is x

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  13. Love all your flower pictures Sarah. I bought a hanging basket and a new tub of flowers the other day and I am wondering how long before I kill them. I am hopeless with the garden lol. Your daughters hair is certainly amazing, and love your sons work. That pencil box is amazing x

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  14. I’m playing catch up a bit with your posts and I know this was a while ago now, but I do love all your flower photos. They make for such a beautiful blog post.

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