Christmas Day Parkrun

How did you start your Christmas Day? A 4am wake-up call from the kids or crawling out of bed at 9am with a hangover? Did you have a fry-up for breakfast or salmon and bucks fizz?
After our 6am wake-up call and present unwrapping, we did the Parkrun!
As soon as we heard that there was a Parkrun on Christmas Day, and that my daughter’s best friend and her family were doing it, we knew we would be doing it too. We’ve really got into Parkrun over the last few months. It’s a great way to start the day. You can take it easy or push yourself hard. You can run with your family or on your own. It’s a great experience. So why wouldn’t we want to do it on Christmas Day?
So, despite the fact that it was our turn to do Christmas for the first time in years, and it slightly messed up our turkey cooking time, we were assembled at the park ready for Parkrun at 9am.
I wondered how many people would be there? What if it was only us and my daughter’s best friend’s family?
It wasn’t! There were 250 runners.
Parkrun, Christmas, Christmas Parkrun
We’d agreed to run together as a family, seeing as it was Christmas Day, but my husband and daughter’s best friend’s dad were having regular drinks stops. For bucks fizz!
My eldest couldn’t quite be bothered to wait for my daughter and I, so I ran with my daughter and her best friend. The two girls are adorable together. My daughter’s best friend is a brilliant runner and a really good motivator. She chatted happily all the way round, her enthusiasm is infectious.  When my daughter started to flag, she held her hand and pulled her.
Running, Parkrun, Christmas
Because of the panto, my daughter had only gone back to Parkrun on 19th December after seven weeks off. She was gutted to have run it in 38 minutes.
No such worries with her friend there! It really was a delightful experience running with the two girls. Even though it was Christmas Day and we were just having fun, my daughter ran in 32 minutes, which she was very happy with.
And when it was all over, we went home to get on with the serious business of cooking Christmas dinner for eight.
It was a great start to Christmas Day and I’m sure it will become an annual tradition.
Parkrun, Christmas, Family, Christmas Day Parkrun

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. My Christmas Day started at 5 am. Not from a wake up call but from myself. My siblings and I all usually wake up before the kids and around 5 am on Christmas Day! Although middle sister let the side down this year, not waking until 7.30 am. 😉 I almost had to wake Cheeky Chap! Safe to say it was a long day, I mean you can’t nap on Christmas Day when surrounded by 14 people, at someone else’s house! I fully expected to read that you had a run on Christmas morning but for some reason I didn’t imagine Park Run would be on.

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    • Ha ha! I usually wake at 5 on Christmas Day too! My brother and I were terrible as kids and tried to stay awake all night, but we really suffered for it the next day! I’ve never run on Christmas Day before, but Parkrun was a really good incentive to do it.

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  2. Wow that is total commitment. There must be something very addictive about Parkrun for so many people to turn up to it. Mind you, this way, you can eat as much as you like without feeling guilty!

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    • It really is addictive, but I haven’t worked out quite why! Knowing you can eat without feeling guilty is good – nice to know you’ve got some exercise in the bag before the day really starts!

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  3. What a fantastic way to start the day….It sounds like a great tradition to carry on x

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    • It really was a great way to start the day. I’m sure we’ll carry it on in the future. x

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  4. Wow 250 runners, that is amazing. I can imagine it was a great atmosphere, and definitely a lovely tradition to carry on for you all of you. We had an 8am wake up call so I can’t complain, and that was from the teen. I think daughter would have carried on sleeping for another hour xx

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    • Wow, 8am is late! I would have been desperate to get up by then! My 12yo set his alarm for 6, which my husband and the other kids weren’t exactly happy about, but they soon forgave him! x

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