Project 365 2015 Week 44

We were all desperately in need of half-term after a really full-on few weeks, adjusting to a life with three kids at three different schools. Sadly this week really didn’t live up to expectations and we spent far too much time feeling bored! It wasn’t helped by endless pictures on social media of friends on holiday – from Devon to Disneyland and Cornwall to the Caribbean.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 295 – Sunday 25th October – Parkrun is a completely free event, which relies on volunteers to run it. So I decided to help out with Junior Parkrun today as a marshal while my daughter ran it.

Parkrun, Volunteer, 365

Day 296 – Monday 26th October – the ‘highlight’ of today was a trip to the dentist for the kids. My daughter had never understood why people hate the dentist. Now she does! She has teeth growing at the back earlier than usual (and before her 12 year old brother), which are struggling to get through fully, leaving them difficult to clean and vulnerable to decay. So the dentist put sealant on them – involving cotton wool, air, water spray, heat light and more, all shoved in her mouth. I was amazed how well she was doing, but as soon as it was over she burst into tears. No photos of that, but I do have a massive grammar fail from reception at the dentist.

Grammar, Dentist, 365

Day 297 – Tuesday 27th October – my younger son had a hospital appointment, due to his long-term problem of walking on his toes (which has done since he was about 4). The paediatrician checked him over very thoroughly and he even had a blood test.

Plaster, Son, Blood test, 365

Day 298 – Wednesday 28th October – it’s felt like a really boring half-term, but today seemed a bit better as I got on top of a piece of work and went out for a quick walk on my own. The sun was shining and the autumn leaves were beautiful.

Leaves, autumn, 365

Day 299 – Thursday 29th October – finally we did something ‘proper’ with our holiday! We went to Alton Towers in the rain. It’s far from my first choice ย of day out, but the kids loved it.

Alton Towers, Half-term, 365

Day 300 – Friday 30th October – my eldest finally carved our pumpkin. Apparently it needs a knife sticking out the side as part of the effect!

Pumpkin, Halloween, 365

Day 301 – Saturday 31st October – it was Halloween special at Parkrun. Unfortunately hardly anyone apart from my kids dressed up. Not surprisingly, my daughter found it really hard running in a witch dress, especially as it was so warm! Never again.

Parkrun, Kids, Halloween, 365

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  1. The dentist like their apostrophes don’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚ Alton Towers sounds like it was fun despite the weather. I’d love to see their fireworks one day, Z hates them though so probably not happening anytime soon. Love your Halloween outfits, they’re so cool!!

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    • The dentist loves the apostrophes! Alton Towers was better than expected, despite the weather. We went to the fireworks about 20 years ago. The main thing I remember is being frozen! The kids didn’t much enjoy running in their outfits, which was a shame.

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  2. Ahh! It’s no fun going to the dentists….I hope your girl got over it soon!
    The knife in the pumpkin really works….hehehe
    Well done for dressing up! I love the costumes x

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    • Thanks! She got over the dentist, thank goodness! Hopefully she won’t have to have more than a check-up for a long time now! x

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  3. Well done to them for dressing up, shame no one else made the effort! Alton Towers scares me lol, I am not a big fan of rides at all. Our half term has been a bit of a mish mash too, it seems to have gone pretty fast!

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    • I didn’t want to go to Alton Towers, but I was out-voted! It was a real shame nobody else dressed up for Halloween.

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  4. That sign still makes me chortle! We had quite a few parkrun costumes today – and we’ll done for Marshall in. X

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    • Thanks! Pretty much all of the marshals dressed up, but there was nobody else running in full costume – just a couple of sets of ears and witches’ hats. The kids weren’t impressed to be the only ones!

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  5. Sounds like you had a similarly crappy week to ours! At least you went to Alton Towers. Well done ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a few sleepovers but really, I’ve done nothing particularly enjoyable. A holiday next year for sure!

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    • Definitely a holiday next year! My younger son was saying the same – all of his friends seemed to be on holiday. Alton Towers is far from my first choice of place to go, but at least we went somewhere!

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  6. Ah it’s a pity that more people didn’t dress up for Parkrun. We had about 60% dressed up at the one I go to – definitely no PB today, thanks to my annoying cape!

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    • Wow, 60% dressed up! That’s impressive! I’d warned my daughter there would be no PB and she was fine with that until she started running and realised she couldn’t keep up with her brother, her friend and a TA from school. Then she got upset!

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  7. Shame about the costumes. Glad you managed a day out to head off some of that boredom.

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    • Thanks very much! Alton Towers wouldn’t be my first choice of place to go, but it definitely broke up the boredom.

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    • Thanks very much. I’m definitely going to make more of an effort and plan something to do next time! x

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  8. Totally agree that it felt that all of the social media world were on holiday. We too have said next October we will go away. I bet the kids had fun during Scarefest at Alton Towers. We loved to go there when we had our Merlin annual passes. Oh well back to normality tomorrow xx

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    • The kids did love Alton Towers, thank goodness! I’ve never known an October half-term before where it’s felt like literally everyone is away ๐Ÿ™ x

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  9. Alton Towers is not my idea of fun either.
    Love your leafy lane picture, it is such a pretty time of the year.
    Nice of you to help out with some marshalling, and shame few turned up in fancy dress. It is rather warm for the time of year,

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    • Thanks very much. It certainly is warm for the time of year! Glad it’s not just me who isn’t keen on Alton Towers!

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  10. Alton Towers isn’t my idea of fun either, mainly because I would miss out on most of the rides due to my back and there is nothing worse than feeling left out! I like the autumnal picture of your walk, sums the season up perfectly.

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    • Thanks very much! I can imagine Alton Towers wouldn’t be good for you at all ๐Ÿ™

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  11. love your son’s pumpkin carving with the knife for added effect. the halloween costumes look fab but I bet it was hard work to run in them. Well done on the volunteering also

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