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What to feed my kids during the week is a mystery to me. We’re always rushing off to dance lessons, leaving me with very little time to cook. We often end up eating at different times as the boys have to go off to an activity before my daughter is home from hers! Midweek meals tend to come largely from the freezer (pizza or fish fingers with potato waffles) or involve pasta, pesto and grated cheese.

So I was very pleased to be asked to test an Old El Paso Stand ‘n’ Stuff Soft Taco Kit. The kits contain the ingredients for an easy, quick and tasty meal. So how would we get on with it?

Old El Paso, Tacos, Stand 'n' Stuff, Review

We tried the Smoky BBQ flavour, which includes eight of the unique flat-bottomed flour tortillas, Smoky BBQ seasoning mix and a tasty Taco Salsa. The kit serves 3-4 and Old El Paso suggests you add 500g minced beef, plus diced tomatoes, lettuce and grated cheese.

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As there’s five of us, we added an extra pack of eight Stand ‘n’ Stuff Soft Flour Tortillas so there was enough to go around! As two of us are vegetarian, we split the mixture to make 250g of minced beef and 250g of Quorn mince. We also added onions to the meat/ Quorn just to sneak some more vegetables into the kids (who wouldn’t add tomatoes or lettuce to their finished tacos!).

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To prepare the tacos:

  • Simply brown the meat, then add the Smoky BBQ seasoning and 50ml cold water
  • Simmer for 10 minutes
  • While the meat is simmering, warm up your tortillas in the microwave
  • Chop your tomatoes and lettuce and grate your cheese
  • Stuff your tacos and add Taco Salsa to taste
  • Eat!

(If cooking with Quorn, you will need to add more liquid, either more water or some tinned tomatoes/ tomato sauce.)

As soon as the seasoning was added, the barbecue smell was delicious and all of the kids were keen to try them (this is unusual as my kids are notoriously fussy!). I wouldn’t usually say barbecue was one of my favourite flavours, but they tasted as good as they smelled.

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The tacos were very easy to fill, hold and eat and all of the kids really enjoyed eating them. It was great that they could get the balance of ingredients just right – probably with a bit less of the Taco Salsa and a bit more of the cheese than the adults!

We will definitely be trying Stand ‘n’ Stuff Soft Tacos again for week day meals. They are no harder to prepare than spaghetti bolognese (although having to make both vegetarian and meat varieties makes them slightly harder for us than other people), but a bit harder than shoving fish fingers in the oven!

There’s no reason why we couldn’t vary the vegetables or even the meat in the tacos – I’m sure they would work well with chicken too.

PicMonkey oldelpaso4Collage, Old El Paso, Tacos, Review

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. They look a great idea, always looking for ideas on midweek meals xx

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    • I would definitely recommend them! They’re delicious 🙂 x

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  2. Oh these look really quick and easy, I think peppers would be nice in them too x

    Post a Reply
    • They’re very easy! I think I will give peppers a go next time.

      Post a Reply
    • Thank you! They’re even tempting me! It’s the combination of veggie mince and cheese – yum!

      Post a Reply
  3. It is hard isn’t it. I find getting food ready the evening before works well. We have had these before and they are good.

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    • That’s a really good idea! I’ve never thought of doing that. We really struggle with what to eat and when to eat.

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  4. oh yum they look tasty! I love how versatile they are.

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    • Thanks! They’re delicious and we will definitely experiment with some different combinations of fillings next time.

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  5. We’ve got some of these to try and kids are really looking forward to them.

    Sounds like your enjoyed them.

    Like you I *may have to hide some veg!

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    • I bet your kids will love them! Onions and tomatoes are the only things I can get away with hiding – and they will still try to pick them out!

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    • They definitely are! We usually end up making a mess with crisp tacos, plus my daughter isn’t keen on them.

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  6. They are fab aren’t they? I might try the pulled pork recipe too, and so easy for midweek too. I really have to start trying new recipes, its great for yo that you can cook a veggie option too x

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    • We desperately need to try some new meals, so these are a great start for us. Anything which can easily be adapted for the vegetarians is always a hit in our house! x

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  7. We’re big fans of tacos etc and have them every week.I love the look of the taco boats as they look less messy than wraps.

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  8. Hm yum! I am really in the mood for some mexican now!

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