Project 365 2015 Week 31

This week, to take our minds off the boys being away on their 12 day Scout camp, we had a little treat ourselves (OK, it was a big treat!).

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 206 – Sunday 26th July – coffee at Costa is a Daddy and daughter tradition. They go every Saturday and every Sunday morning and somehow this has been allowed to happen without any arguments by the rest of the family. With the boys away, I got to gatecrash.

Coffee, Daughter, Husband, 365

Day 207 – Monday 27th July – we went to Amsterdam! Just the three of us!

Amsterdam, Holiday, Travel, 365

Day 208 – Tuesday 28th July – a rainy day in Amsterdam. We went cycling and went to Amsterdam Zoo, where you can get really close to the giraffes!

Amsterdam, Amsterdam Zoo, Giraffes, 365

Day 209 – Wednesday 29th July – we went to the Van Gogh Museum, where we saw some stunning paintings and learned a lot about Van Gogh’s life. I loved this lettering that we spotted on the way there.

Amsterdam, Holiday, 365

Day 210 – Thursday 30th July – before setting off for home, my daughter and I went up the Wester Tower. The view of Amsterdam from 42 metres up was incredible!

Amsterdam, View, Wester Tower, 365

Day 211 – Friday 31st July – the guinea pigs’ old hutch had pretty much rotted away, so we spent much of the day sorting out a new hutch for them (and we did get a refund on the old one!).

Guinea pigs, Guinea pig hutch, Pets, 365

Day 212 – Saturday 1st August – we all did Parkrun today – even Daddy! I was very pleased to be the 10th woman home out of 373 runners and 3rd in my age category. With Daddy’s nagging, my daughter knocked nearly four minutes off her personal best.

Running, Parkrun, Selfie, 365

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    • Thanks very much! Was very pleased with my time and Amsterdam was amazing!

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    • Thanks very much! Amsterdam is brilliant – well worth a visit!

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  1. It looks like you had a lovely trip to Amsterdam…..It is so pretty 🙂
    Well done with the run! x

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    • Thank you! Amsterdam is amazing and I was very pleased with my run 🙂

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  2. awww i love the idea of the daddy and daughter Costa trip, what a lovely sunday treat (and how nice that you got to join them for once)
    And a trip to Amsterdam – what a great idea! I went there once many years ago lol got lost but had fun!
    Anyway, well done on the run time – and i hope your boys are ok x

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    • Their Costa trip is sacred! Nothing interferes with it. Amsterdam was amazing (and it’s very easy to get lost!). Had a few snippets from the boys and they seem to be having the time of their lives. Can’t wait to have them back, though! x

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  3. Love your Amsterdam pics, it looks like such a fascinating place filled with history. I think I would love the Van Gogh museum. Starry night is one of my most favourite paintings ever!

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    • Thank you! Amsterdam is amazing and the Van Gogh Museum was really fascinating.

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    • Thanks very much, I was very chuffed with my run! Amsterdam is an amazing place 🙂 x

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  4. ooohhhh looks like a nice time away, sometimes its nice to grab the opportunity to do things different.
    Well done to both you and daughter for the park run times, nice to beat your personal best.
    Amazing how some traditions become normal and nobody queries them, but then I am sure he does other things with the boys.

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    • He certainly does do other things with the boys – mainly sport! Amsterdam was amazing 🙂 Was very pleased to beat my personal best at Parkrun.

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  5. Amsterdam looks lovely! And how nice to be able to gatecrash the daddy/daughter special time 🙂

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    • It was a real privilege to gatecrash they time 🙂

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  6. Well done on the Parkrun, that’s brilliant! I love Amsterdam, I’ve only been once, but I really enjoyed it and the Van Gogh Museum is fabulous 🙂

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    • Amsterdam is amazing and we loved the Van Gogh Museum too 🙂 Was very pleased with my Parkrun time.

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  7. I love the look of Amsterdam! I’ve only ever been to the airport on the way to Boston. It must have been lovely with just the girl too. Hope your leg sorts itself soon x

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    • It’s a very busy airport! It seems like a lot of people change there. It was so nice to spend time there with my daughter.
      Finges crossed for the leg, I’m a bit doubtful if it’s going to be better in time.

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  8. Amsterdam is amazing! I was very pleased with my Parkrun time 🙂

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  9. What a lovely break. I would love to go to Holland, my mum was born there and I haven’t made it there yet. What a good thing to do to take your mind off of the boys being away too. I love the coast tradition x

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  10. Well done on the park run. The views over Amsterdam are stunning. Been too long since we last visited.

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