Project 365: Weeks 32 & 33

We’re just back from our annual trek to Padstow. This means I get to share some of the best photos of the year, but also that you get two weeks for the price of one!

Day 215 – Sunday 3rd August – five weeks until the Cheltenham half marathon and I went for my first 10 mile run in six months. I was pleased with how it went.

Running, half marathon, training, 365

Day 216 – Monday 4th August – I always say I love the school holidays, but I’ve struggled a bit this time. We just don’t seem to have had much fun. Maybe it’s easier when I actually go to an office to work? The kids spend too long on screens, so it was nice to see my daughter doing some drawing of her own accord.

Daughter, drawing, school holidays, 365

Day 217 – Tuesday 5th August – we’re getting fed up with the amount of time the boys are spending in front of screens, so Daddy hid the laptop and the Kindle before he went to work. Eventually the boys made their own entertainment!

Son, garden, watering can

Day 218 – Wednesday 6th August – most of our flowers are dying off, but this one has just come out!

Flower, orange, bee, garden, 365

Day 219 – Thursday 7th August – we were amazed by the height of the sunflowers at my brother’s allotment!

Sunflowers, allotment, daughter, 365

Day 220 – Friday 8th August – we went to Padstow! This is a view of the estuary in Padstow at low tide low in the evening.

Padstow, low tide, boats, landscape, 365

Day 221 – Saturday 9th August – the weather was reasonable, so we headed for Trevone beach (note that my son is still wearing a hoodie, though!).

Trevone, beach, holidays, son, daughter, 365

Day 222 – Sunday 10th August – a wander down to the water in the evening.

Kids, sea, Padstow, 365

Day 223 – Monday 11th August – we popped into Coombe Mill for the morning and my eldest got a chance to do some fishing.

Coombe Mill, fishing, son, 365

Day 224 – Tuesday 12th August – the tides in Padstow this week were the highest they’d been all year, thanks to the super moon. This photo was taken right at high tide.

Padstow, high tide, landscape, 365

Day 225 – Wednesday 13th August – as the weather was slightly better, we went back to Trevone beach, where the waves were seriously crashing on the rocks.

Trevone, beach, waves, 365

Day 226 – Thursday 14th August – the super moon didn’t just cause a very high tide, it caused a very low one too!

Boats, Padstow, low tide, 365

Day 227 – Friday 15th August – we were sad to say goodbye to this place – The Sailmakers – our home for the last week.

Sailmakers, Padstow, holiday, 365

Day 228 – Saturday 16th August – I went for a walk with these two. I forgot that they always just walk together talking about games and hardly speak to me!

Boys, Sons, Walking, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • Thanks very much. I love it – it’s like a home from home for us! 🙂

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  1. you’ve captured some brilliant photos!! my girls have started bickering this week which I think is down to bordem and the weather really hasn’t helped but as you proved, the kids are quite capable of making their own entertainment!! x

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    • Thanks very much! It’s hard to keep the kids entertained after so many weeks and with the weather not so good!

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  2. It’s definitely been a bit pants for weather but your Padstow pics still look fantastic and looks like you have a nice time. And wow those sunflowers!!

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    • Thanks very much. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t better after the summer we’ve had, but we had a good time and it could certainly have been a whole lot worse!

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  3. I love Padstow and miss Cornwall so much. I always have a screen time issue when we’re at home and have had to put my foot down on it! I think they’re fed up with me saying “When I was your age…blah blah blah!” Love the tide pics, the sea and tides always amaze me.

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    • Thank you! Padstow is my favourite place in the world. The tide is pretty amazing there anyway, but was even better this week. I’m still battling with the screen time issues! Sigh.

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    • Thanks very much. They’re fabulous places!

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  4. We have had the exact same problem with the screens this holiday and we have hidden them a lot. Gorgeous photos from Padstow, it is years since we went there but it is really lovely. How exciting to get a day in Coombe Mill!

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    • It was lovely to visit Coombe Mill! We didn’t take the boys’ laptop or Kindle on holiday, which was good. They did watch rather a lot of TV though!

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  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I must try to get us back to Padstow soon, it’s been too long.

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    • Thanks very much. It’s definitely worth a visit! (Although it does get very crowded!)

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  6. Lovely to see you here. I am super impressed with your running time, in my height of fitness I would have struggled with 10 miles in one and half hours.

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    • Great to see you too.
      Thanks very much! I’m not a brilliant runner by any stretch of the imagination, but compared to ‘normal’ non-brilliant people, I’m not bad. If that makes sense!

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  7. wow what suepr photos and some realy lovely Cornish ones. The waves crashing over the rocks is my fav i think but i also like the ones of your children standing at the waters edge. x

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    • Thanks very much! I really liked both of those photos too. It’s great to be somewhere so beautiful, there’s just so much to photograph.

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  8. Looks like a great time had by all in Padstow. I have been struggling with the same thing when we’ve been at home this summer. It’s the first summer we haven’t had an action packed calendar of cramming in days out between going to work so it’s been more relaxed and I’ve been feeling guilty we’re not having as much fun.

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    • Glad it’s not me who has been lacking fun! I’m sure on the whole the kids are benefiting from having me home, but it feels less exciting in many ways.

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  9. Well done on the run and OMG those sunflowers really are amazing .. mine doesnt even have a head yet!

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    • Thanks very much! Can’t take any credit for the sunflowers – they’re all my brother’s work!

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    • Thanks very much, we certainly did! 🙂

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  10. I love the idea of daddy hiding the laptop/kindle before week – genius! I have noticed just how much my kids rely on screens for entertainment, particularly when the weather isn’t so nice. I’ve also realised just how much everything costs when you’ve got older children – wow! Your week in Padstow looks stunning as always. Love the beach shots, even if the weather was a bit pants 🙁

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    • The sad thing is that life is cheaper with the Kindle and the laptop around! But not good for happy, healthy kids. The week in Padstow was lovely, thanks.

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  11. It really is lovely! Thanks very much.

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    • Thanks very much. It is a beautiful place.

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  12. What a great set of photos! Padstow looks really beautiful. Those sunflowers are impressive and I love the photo of the waves crashing on the beach x

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    • You’re so right, it is! That’s why we go back every single year!

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  13. When you started this project you weren’t sure that you’d manage it because you didn’t know how to photograph them without their faces, I think you’ve done it really well. I really like the one of the three of them looking out to the harbour, very atmospheric.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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    • Thanks. I really appreciate you saying that! I love the one of the three of them looking out at the water too. There’s no way that would have been enhanced by seeing their faces, in fact it wouldn’t have been so good as they would have pulled silly faces!

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