Project 365: Week 31

The second week of the summer holidays and I feel like we haven’t really done enough! It’s a bit strange with my eldest away and not being sure whether my younger son was coming home from Scout camp early, plus me trying to squeeze in work around the kids. Now my boys are home, I hope we can make the most of next week a bit better.

So here’s our week in pictures…

Day 208 – Sunday 27th July – we went to the new Gloucester services on the M5. Yes, a trip to a service station seems a bit weird, but it’s not a normal service station! It’s all local produce and fresh food with not a Costa, Burger King, amusement arcade or phone accessories shop in sight! After an eight mile run in the morning, this pizza was exactly what I needed!

Pizza, Gloucester services, 365

Day 209 – Monday 28th July – sometimes only having one car can be a hassle! My husband had taken the car to catch an early train and my daughter wanted to go swimming (again!). Easy, we would just cycle to pick up the car! I think she cycled at walking pace. It was rather stressful! Although in her defence I later discovered both of her tyres were as flat as a pancake.

Daughter, cycling, summer, 365

Day 210 – Tuesday 29th July – an exciting day in which I did some filming (yeah, go me!) with Sk:n Clinics in London. And, yes, it turns out I do look better with make-up on.

Selfie, Sk:n Clinic, Make-up, 365

Day 211 – Wednesday 30th July – my younger son came home from Scout camp yesterday, so we had a day at home for him to recover. That’s plenty of time for guinea pig watching!

Guinea pigs, pets, 365

Day 212 – Thursday 31st July – didn’t do a lot again today, but it was good to see my son away from screens and doing some building with KNex.

Son, KNex, holidays, 365

Day 213 – Friday 1st August (August? already?) – another day at home and here’s a photo of one of the last remaining flowers in my garden. I usually take my flower photos on my proper camera, but I took this one on my iPhone.

Flower, garden, summer, 365

Day 214 – Saturday 2nd August – after a whole week away, the wanderer returned! One tired, happy, dirty boy (and an awful lot of washing!).

Washing machine, washing, son, Scouts, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • I can well imagine! It’s certainly the downside of holidays, but it looks like you had an amazing time.

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  1. We haven’t done any washing for two weeks with the amount of stuff going on.must definitely do it tomorrow 🙂

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    • That’ll be a chore! We can’t go more than two days without washing! The boys mess up so many clothes.

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  2. Oo exciting what was the filming about? Make up is one of my favourite things! I love it. We too have one car. I feel your pain. Those guinea pigs are adorable. Loads of people I know were on scout camp this week must be the week for it all over the uk.

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    • The filming was all about skin. I don’t wear make-up, so it was strange. Most of the time we’re OK with only one car, but it does get difficult sometimes.

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  3. i love the guines pig photo – looks like any tips you might have on keeping them for TBaM is now not needed lol!
    you look lovely with your make up on – tbh i think we all look better with some on (not that i wear very much as i have no idea how to!) as we get older as the flush of youth has gone!
    good luck with the washing – thats the worse part of any trip away x

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    • I know, it sounds like the guinea pigs weren’t for TBaM after all! There was a lot of skill went into that make-up, I have no idea how to do it! The washing is all done now, thank goodness for good weather! x

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  4. I’m glad you tried out the service station. The food looks as good as at Tebay. If we are going that way down the M5 I’ll be stopping in to try it out too. Love the makeup picture – you should wear it more often. And thanks for reminding me about Knex, we haven’t had that out for a while and H loves it.

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    • The service station was amazing! I don’t even own make-up and have no idea how to do it! There was a lot of skill went into that.

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  5. I hope your son had a magnificent time at Scout camp, both of them did hopefully? You normally look wonderful anyway and I know you suffer from acne (I’ve moaned to you often enough about mine), that make-up has made your eyes look amazing though! They pop out behind your glasses. And bless your daughter for managing to cycle on flat tyres!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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    • Thank you, that’s such a lovely thing to say! I really appreciate it. The acne is improving a lot now, thank goodness!
      The boys had a great time on Scout camp, thanks, although my younger son couldn’t handle it for too long!

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  6. Sarah i so so love your new pets they are super cuties! .. you have been so busy! i dont know where you get your energy from xx

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    • Thanks very much! I don’t feel like I’ve been that busy really!

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  7. Oh, the filming sounds exciting, and that is a lovely photo of you. The guinea pigs look very settled and love your son playing with the knex. Sounds like a fun week x

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 I was quite surprised at the photo of me, but it was a professional job! My son loves his KNex – one of the few things that gets him away from screens.

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  8. My two were away on Beaver & Scout camp last weekend. Not so much washing for us as my son was very proud that he wore the same pair of socks and pants for the entire 3 days!

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    • Ha ha, my boys do that too! Unfortuntaely even the clean things smell of campfire smoke, so everything had to go on the wash whether it had been worn or not!

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    • The guineas are gorgeous, thanks. The pizza was delicious!

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  9. Thanks very much, the guinea pigs are gorgeous!

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  10. I keep hearing about the Gloucester services – I must plan a trip that way and check it out, the food looks great! I am mid way through piles of washing following our long weekend away. Joy!

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  11. Sounds like you’ve still been keeping yourself busy despite having a quieter week. Lots happening! It’s nice that you’ve got out and about and you look fabulous in that photo. Boo to all the washing but I hope he had fun!

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