The Gallery: Up close and personal

My world has shrunk right down. It used to involve a car, a journey, a big office and lots of people. But now, for six hours a day, it involves my dining table, my computer, my phone, a pen and a notebook.

I stare at my garden as I work and, when the phone rings, I usually rush out there for the better reception. I’ve taken to walking up and down my wall as I discuss my latest job. I’m sure my clients are not picturing a 40 year old woman in her slippers or socks pacing up and down a wall as she talks. But that’s the beauty of freelance work and my tiny little world. In my own little world I can be who I want to be and do what I want to do.

This week’s Gallery theme seems somehow appropriate – up close and personal with a much smaller world. A look at the things that make my world go round. A look at my new life.

PicMonkey upcloseCollage

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m trying to picture you walking up and down a wall! Do you mean hall? Or do you have a lovely brick wall you walk up and down?! Either way, your achievement is just brilliant. Should there not be a #loudnproud post in there somewhere?!

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  2. It never stops being exciting! I once had a client ask whether I ever worked from bed, I was adamant I did not (I totally do…) – it’s the beauty of working from home 🙂

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  3. I may be sat working in bed right now 😉 Its fantastic! I did have a slight panic when all our work laptops got webcams installed though – I kept wondering whether just my top half had to be presentable!

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  4. Its 11am and Im still in my PJ’s as I work – and read blogs 😉 ! Haha, I think lots of us can relate to this post xxx

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  5. What an absolutely cracking take on the theme. A little peek there into your new exciting life!

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  6. Love this look at working from home. I do it myself and it can make your world smaller – but looking out at the garden as you type – and having some freedom with your time makes it all work it.

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  7. Wow thanks for sharing this! Really personal. Part of my life too. The laptop, pen & paper. No phone tho. I havent had phone in years. I am connected but dont want to be found contacted. #TheGallery

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  8. fantastic pictures, it certainly looks like you are enjoying your new venture – enjoy the freedom your new life gives you xxx

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  9. Great up close images, love the dandelion clock


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    • It certainly does! Thank you very much, everyone!

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