Like father, like sons…

Dads are so important to sons. When they’re little, boys are happy to be with their mums. But as they get to the tween years, dads really come into their own. Boys need to be active and playing sport. Mums can join them of course, but the relationship between a dad and his boys is pretty special.

My husband is no exception. He works hard all week, but he dedicates much of the weekend to our boys and their sport.

My husband is the football coach for my younger son’s under 10s team. It’s a big responsibility and hard work, but he does it for the love of my son. What could give a dad greater pleasure than seeing his son playing football, improving every week and knowing you are playing a big part in that?

On Sundays, my husband is on the touchline watching my eldest play rugby. He’s no rugby player himself and had never watched a game or showed any interest in it until my sons started playing. Now he enjoys it as much as the next dad and is there every week to show his support.

My husband and my sons are a team and that makes me happy too.

Teams dress alike. And that’s why I was so happy when the lovely people at Original Penguin offered my husband and my boys matching polo shirts to wear.

I hadn’t actually heard of Original Penguin before (although my trendy husband had!). They make just the sort of good quality casual wear that we all love (yes, they do clothes for ladies and girls too that I’ll be checking out!).


My eldest is at that age where he doesn’t say many words, and most of the words he does say are moans. So I was stunned by his reaction when he put his polo shirt on and came in with the biggest grin on his face and announced: “I love it! I absolutely love it!”. I must say he did look great in it – they all do.

The sizes come up a little bit on the small size so…

My younger son (who is 10) has the Earl polo shirt in dark sapphire in age 12.

My eldest has the Earl polo shirt true black in a small men’s (which is a perfect fit for him even though he’s only 12) and my husband has the Earl rogue fit (that’s skinny fit) polo shirt in extra large.

I think they all look brilliant. Like a real team!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ooh they’re quite cool and they do look a good team together. My hubby lives in polo shirts.

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  2. I do like the look of those. My son is 3 but you can see how much he looks up to his Daddy and his step dad and uncle already-there’s something important about the father/son and mother/daughter relationships where role models are so important. Your boys look fab in those polo shirts 🙂

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies. They are very cool. My hubby wears polo shirts some of the time – my eldest loves them – hence why he loves this so much. It’s much better quality than the ones he usually wears.
    There’s definitely something important about the father/ son and mother/ daughter relationships, Redpeffer.

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