Christmas dinner 2013

How was Christmas dinner? The highlight of the year? Plates piled high with succulent turkey and perfectly cooked goose fat potatoes?

With our combination of vegetarians and fussy eaters, this year’s Christmas dinner was, as ever, not quite like that.

On the menu was:

  • Turkey
  • Sausages wrapped in bacon
  • Stuffing (so far, so normal)
  • Roast potatoes (no goose fat or any other meat fat)
  • Quorn cottage pie (for me)
  • Linda McCartney sausages (because my son is too fussy for Quorn cottage pie) (And Linda McCartney sausages, it turns out)
  • Yorkshire puddings
  • Sprouts (not many were eaten)
  • Carrots
  • Parsnips
  • Sweetcorn (because it is the only vegetable my kids will eat. Apart from baked beans)
  • Gravy

And for pudding…

  • Christmas pudding and brandy sauce
  • Cheesecake
  • Crunchie Blast ice cream (younger son)
  • Oreo ice cream (eldest)
  • Blueberries, raspberries and a couple of Green & Blacks miniatures (guess who).

There was too much laughing about farting and too much food left on my daughter’s plate when she’d finished ‘eating’.

Me: Have you eaten any turkey?
Her: Yes! I’ve had a bite.
(She sees nothing wrong with this.)

But the table looked pretty and there were crackers and, most important of all, everybody enjoyed their food. Even if it was a little unconventional

And surely that’s all that matters?


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. All that matters is that everyone is happy. I am not a big turkey fan at all, and in France nobody eats turkey for xmas, so over this xmas season we’ve had guinea fowl, pulled pork, venison and squid, all of which was delicious and home-cooked by Hubs 🙂 Glad you all had a good time though!

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  2. Wow! That all sounds very exotic! Impressed at your husband cooking all of that. My daughter thought she would turkey, but didn’t. Younger son liked it – one out of three ain’t bad! We certainly did have a good time and that’s all that matters.
    Thanks very much for commenting 🙂

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  3. Ours is always slightly different as I’m a vegetarian too, so our menus had some similarities, although I had a turkey-less roast, a bit like Quorn, from my favourite shop (partly because their products are actually marked as vegetarian…) Trader Joes 🙂 Although we went for chicken and ham rather than turkey… Kids did pretty well to be honest! They didn’t eat the sprouts though 🙂

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  4. Lovely – we didn’t have a turkey this year, very liberating! I let everyone choose their favourite meal,much food got eaten and they were all happy. Still had too many sprouts left over though 🙂

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  5. Can identify with the fussy eaters and the vegetarians. Hubby cooked here as I refuse to cook turkey! As long as everyone’s happy with their food what does it matter?

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  6. I like the sound of your dinner, Sara!
    And your way sounds fab, Sarah! I think sprouts left over is obligatory! 😉
    You’re very right, Izzie! They’re happy and thats all that matters.
    Thank you all for commenting, really appreciate it.

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