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When my friend and her family moved away I knew I wanted to get her a present to say goodbye, thanks for being a friend and to remember us by. But what? My friend is quite different from me. She has really good taste and really cares about how things look – art, design, furniture, clothes, hair… For someone who is not like that at all, it’s hard to know what to buy.

But then I thought of the perfect thing – a photo book!

We’ve got some gorgeous photos of our kids together from when they were were little – dressing up, enjoying birthday parties and barbecues – even in the bath together! The kids were always in their pairs – my eldest and my friend’s daughter, my younger son and my friend’s son. The photos are so cute and so funny.

The photos were mainly from back in the pre-digital days, in the albums which are starting to take over my lounge. My daughter and I spent a couple of hours going through them and finding all the photos of the kids and their friends. It surprised me how many there were – from the little boys learning to walk, through my daughter’s christening, right up to my eldest and his friend going on Scout camp this summer. I took photos of the photos using my camera (so some of them do have slight flashes reflected on them!).

I’d done photo books before, a few years ago. But the company I’d used seemed quite expensive. So I did what any social media addict would do – I turned to Twitter to ask for advice on which company I should use. And the resounding response? Photobox.

I was very chuffed when Photobox got in touch with me to offer me a photo book. They offered me the square 30 page book.

There was a choice of colours and themes for the cover and pages. I considered a ‘winter’ theme, before settling on a colourful one. Then I had to reject some of my photos as I had too many! Uploading them to Photobox was initially a slightly slow process, but this was mainly down to my dodgy internet connection.

Once they were loaded we set to work arranging them on the pages. There are loads of templates you can use for portrait and landscape and different numbers of photos per page. You can also add words. I kept it fairly simple as I wanted the photos to speak for themselves! I chose the photo of the four kids in the bath for the cover, then put some words on the front and inside covers.

I kept the pages to either one or two photo. I would have liked the photos to completely fill the page, but that didn’t work too well with the square shaped book as photos aren’t square! So it meant the photos either had to be cropped to completely fill the page or, more often, they had to have a coloured border. They still looked fab though!

Once we’d got the hang of placing them on the pages, it didn’t take long. I pretty much went for chronological order with the photos – from cute toddlers through to naughty tweens pulling faces at the camera and each other. On the final page I had a gorgeous photo of my eldest with my friend’s dog. Of all my kids, my eldest had the most special relationship with my friend and her family, so I think that was a lovely photo to finish on.

We ordered the book late on a Friday night and it arrived on the Wednesday morning. And it looked great! We were really pleased with the quality of it and the speed with which it arrived.

And best of all? My friend and her family love it! They were so thrilled to receive it, it was definitely the best present I could have got for them.

I was given a square 30 page photo book from Photobox for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own. And, yes, I’ve confessed to my friend that it was free and she doesn’t mind! She knows it’s definitely the thought that counts.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Awful to have to say goodbye to good friends. But lovely that you could gift them something lovely like this.

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  2. This is a brilliant gift. I’ve made a truprint one recently for my cousin when she got married and she loved it!

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  3. What a lovely thing to do – brilliant gift idea. To avoid the photo albums taking over the lounge, I make a photobook for each year as it is over, as I don’t like the thought of all our photos only being digital these days. It makes for a lovely edited version of the year, and we all get involved in choosing the pictures. And dare I say it Photobox usually run really worthwhile promos at the end of the year to keep down the costs.

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  4. Thanks very much, ladies. It was very sad to see them go, Actually Mummy, but it’s nice to know this gift really meant something to them – and it was great fun looking back on the photos and remembering.
    Good idea to make one every, Sarah. My photo album collection is way out of hand!

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