A to Z of me

Thanks very much to Franglaise Mummy for tagging me in this post. She’s done a fantastic job of hers. All I have to do is give you a complete A to Z of me. So here goes…

A is for acne – which I’ve been plagued by since I was 12 and it’s still with me at 40!

B is for blogging – I’m obsessed. I blog all the time, way too much. I don’t just write a lot, I read a lot too and I’ve made some lovely blogging friends.

C is for chocaholic. I am obsessed with chocolate, specifically Green & Blacks Maya Gold, which I eat every single day of my life.


D is for daughter – my angel who lights up my life every day. She’s hard-working, well-behaved, motivated, funny, cheeky, clever and beautiful. After two boys, it’s so lovely to have a little girl.


D is also for dancing – I started going to a street dance class at the age of 36 and I’ve never looked back! My dancing will never set the world alight and I struggle to pick routines up, but it’s not bad for an old bird!

E is for eczema – another little curse I have to live with. I’ve had eczema on my hands since I was 8 and it can get very painful.

F is for family – my husband and my three lovely children, but also my wider family who all live near by. I would never manage without my amazing mum and dad who do so much to look after the kids.

F is also for football – which my younger son plays (very well) and my husband coaches. It takes over my Saturday mornings.

G is for governor – as in school governor. I’ve been one for four years now. It’s hard work and I keep telling myself I won’t do it for much longer, but Istill  really enjoy it.

H is for husband – we met at university and we’ve been together over 20 years now and married for 13. He’s very hard-working and sometimes we don’t see as much of him as we’d like, but he’s a good man who does everything for the kids and me.


I is for IBS – which rules my life. What to eat, when to eat, how much to eat… All of it to give myself minimal discomfort. Zero discomfort never happens.

J is for jeans (and hoodies – Superdry, of course!)

K is for kids, of course. All three of them. They’re a handful, but they’re brilliant and I love them to bits.


L is for the Levellers – my favourite band. I’ve loved them since I was 17 and still never tire of their fiddly, folky rock sound. And I’m pleased I’ve educated my boys to love them too!


M is for Mummy – that’s me. My favourite name of all, although my boys have recently started to call me ‘Mum’ sometimes. Sob. I am always Mummy.

N is for nails, they’re always blue.

O is for onions, my staple food. I love them and eat them every day.


P is for press officer. I’ve been one since 1997 and working in the same place since 1999. I love the work although it’s changed a lot over the years.

Q is for quiet – please, just sometimes…

R is for running – the best feeling in the world, being out on your own in the cold just running and running. Great for feeling fit and happy.

R is also for reading – I love reading, books and talking about books. I think I could read all day and never get bored. Due to spending so much time on B for blogging, I sadly don’t read as many books as I used to.

S is for sons. I have two of them and they are amazing. I love being a mum to boys. They are as different as chalk and cheese and sometimes drive me a bit mad, but they’re great fun.


T is for toes. They hurt when I run long distances. Sorry! T is also for too much information…

U is for um, I’m stuck on that one!

V is for vegetarian. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 17. I’m a proper vegetarian who won’t eat anything which has been cooked near meat and I won’t eat any gelatine, so that rules out most sweets.

W is for work – see P for press officer! I’m there 20 hours a week. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I’m not so keen. But I work with some great people and that’s a real bonus.

X is impossible, surely?!

Y is for yellow – the colour of my beloved car. I’ve had it 10 years and it’s scratched and dented, but I still love it.


Z is also impossible.

So that’s me summed up in alphabet form.

Can you give us an A-Z of yourself Crazy with Twins Mummy Glitzer Rock ‘n’ Roll Mum Emmas Little World

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That is really good! I.am already thinking and already struggling over some letters! best get thinking over the weekend! x x

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  2. This is brilliant….although I’m a little worried that you’re plagued with some many things – eczema, acne and IBS? Doesn’t seem fair 🙁 Hoping someone tags me, I might like a go myself at this one!

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  3. Interesting to find out all these things. X is for xylophone (whether you play it or not ;-))

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  4. Gosh being a school governer is hard work. I do the PTA newsletters and that takes up a lot of time. Have you had an x-ray or play the xylophone 🙂

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  5. U is for university, where you met H for husband! And Z is for zzzzzzzzz something you don’t get enough of, mainly due to K and B and R?? Fab post.

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  6. And X is for x rated, 90% of the conversations you have in the office!!!!

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  7. Yay you! What a great job you did of it! I love the car and your nails 🙂 But hats off to you for dealing with all the tough stuff. Hope you enjoyed writing the post.

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  8. Thanks very much, everyone!
    I did enjoy it, Franglaise Mummy, although it was quite challenging!
    The pic of me and hubby is over 20 years old, Em!
    Great suggestions, Nic, thanks 🙂 Very true about the x-rated!
    No Xray or xylophone, sadly.
    Yes, I am plagued by quite a lot of things, Suzanne. But the good thing is I never actually get ill – I think it’s my pay-off for having so many annoying things wrong with me!

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  9. Fab post, nice to get to know you a little better. We definitely share a few here…

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  10. Thanks very much, ladies. Nice to know it sums me up well, Nikki! Not surprised we share a few, Mummy Tries! 🙂

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